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Debt is not usually considered to be a positive event inyour life but it can be. Uncontrolable debt can act as acatalyst for change. The trick is to take charge of yourmoney and debt so that you are in control.

Firstly you have to accept that there is a problem andresolve to do something about it. Once you are determined tobring your house in order you can start to change your life.You of course need to see an advisor for sorting out yourfinancial problems, but at the same time you can start toreflect on how you will live without debt.

One useful technique to transform your life is to write yourown financial obituary. It would explain how you previouslylived by spending more money than you had but that youdecided to do something about it and became debt free. It'sa simple device but a very powerful one as it externaliseswhat you will be doing. You are writing an obituary tosignify that the old you is no longer and that the new youis being reborn.

If you follow up writing your financial obituary with awritten contract with yourself so much the better. It shouldstate what you intend to do and how you intend to do it. Itmight mention your commitment to living frugally or list theways that you intend to increase your income. It does notmatter, as long as it is real to you and you sign it!

Debt is not your fault. Learn how to get out of it andprosper. The acclaimed Debt-Busting Manual "Debt-Free For Life: Prosperity For the Rest of Us" is available at http://www.freewebs.com/prosperity

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Debt is not your fault. Learn how to get out of it and prosper. The acclaimed Debt-Busting Manual "Debt-Free ForLife: Prosperity For the Rest of Us" is available here at http://www.freewebs.com/prosperity