An effective supply chain management must avoid bottlenecks at different stages to improve the efficiency of the supply chain. It does not help to have an excellent component in the supply chain, when a terrible component in the chain elsewhere weakens it completely.

The major steps of staffing supply chain are:

1. Job Requisition Management
2. Sourcing
3. Response Management
4. Assessment
5. Offer and joining

An effective job requisition management system should give the job description and screening requirement using an automated system that can then be tracked till the time the requirement for hiring best matches is fulfilled.

Sourcing must include getting candidates from a database, where candidates have their credentials validated, based on past interaction. Passive candidate search must be part of the strategy, since good active candidates will usually have too many jobs to choose from, so the chances of their joining after the complete process are low.

Candidates must be given easy access to the career site where they can post their resume. Giving them a unique id and login also helps as it gives them a private area to view their status / interview schedule etc. All interaction with candidates should be stored in such a way that when the candidate contacts, regardless of the executive who is attending him, the complete responses are saved in the database and candidate's concerns are addressed. Candidates turn out to be a big sales channel for many of the recruitment agencies these days.

Assessment must be designed depending on the position for which you are evaluating. A well screened sequence of test / interview rounds, designed based on job position requirement, are guaranteed to recruit the best matched candidates. Offer and joining process usually involve agreeing to salary package, negotiations, date of joining etc. An automated system can remove the room for any miscommunication.

A well designed web based recruitment system can do wonders to your recruitment supply chain by improving the efficiency of the complete cycle that results in increase of revenue. Resource Datamine has been designed to keep the complete recruitment workflow in mind and has helped many organizations improve their recruitment process.

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