The ability to shift consciousness has numerous benefits and can be taught. Our learning is integrated when we can shift our own consciousness. We achieve a level of self mastery ?recovery of our own attention. These are the tools taught on the avatar course. Some students integrate the tools quickly, some will take years to fully integrate, as a result of life lessons we must first experience.

The ability to shift consciousness requires awareness of what is existing. If a pain persists without attention, it may lead to nerve damage and numbness - an inability to perceive pain. Since pain is the messenger that something is out of balance.. to reach a state of numbness poses more of a threat than the original pain signal.

We can become psychically numb…we are unable to differentiate our own thoughts from those indoctrinated into us.. we learn to recite without question the facts and details of what was read, said or inferred. Spreading of gossip or incorrect information is an example of psychic numbness.

Punishment delivered as a form of control, reduces our awareness. With reduced awareness, we are less adept at feeling obvious signs of violation. Violations can continue easily once our awareness is down. The natural signal, PAIN, is interrupted by a spasm, a tick or a total bypass of the nervous system into nervous BEHAVIOR ?irritation, excitement, hyper excitement, hysteria, giddiness, mania etc. All reactions TO stimuli are either self created, administered or as a result of a collective identity (culture).

We escape into our interests.. hobbies...being absorbed into a self created form of pleasure that temporarily lifts us out of the suffering that is inevitable for us to experience. Sometimes, the self absorbed interest leads to further injury…carpal tunnel syndrome, eyestrain, obesity, joint pain, muscular pain, social isolation, addictions and compulsions etc.

What seems to separate us from the animal kingdom is an ability to increase our awareness ?it can be easily taught in an environment that is lenient, loving and forgiving of errors. The temporary teacher is creating opportunities for our world lessons to unfold without punishment. Through these lessons, we increase our self awareness until we can demonstrate the use of the tools TO the teacher or anyone else. This is the goal of avatar ?there is a learning environment where teacher and student sometimes appear to be struggling a little to get some experiences to work with. (A violation has to be felt fully before it transforms into a world lesson.) A pain has to be recognized before it can be eliminated and awareness has to be raised before there is a cure.

We can set ourselves up as a healers and go ahead and heal those we believe are needing us, or we can set ourselves up to allow others to heal themselves ( if they feel the need.) The rate of success depends on our honesty and willingness to acknowledge certain aspects of ourselves that we create when our awareness drops. There is rarely any identity that we cannot cease to create. Avatar is easier for those interested in self honesty ?it’s more challenging for those of us who have been betrayed, lied to, robbed, mugged, beaten and punished inappropriately by someone they have given authority to. It’s difficult for those of us who have witnessed too much of any limited experience. We have been limited and disempowered. (A housewife for 20yrs might find the freedom to choose her experiences to be more painful than the limited life she may be complaining about.)

Avatar offers the tools to freely create and discreate (eliminate fixed attention) whenever, and wherever. It gives a power that can be giddying and shocking. The power is respected and contained ?unleashed when suffering is no longer welcome.

What aspect of suffering is no longer welcome?

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Mary M. Evans has been a Licensed Avatar Master since 1992. She offers
free preliminary session to anyone wishing to explore the workability
of the
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