If you have a little one (or ones) whizzing around your home...and you're pregnant...exercising may feel like the last thing you want to tackle.

But if you've been down this road before you already know how important it is to exercise during your pregnancy. (Remember...ALWAYS check with your doctor before starting an exercise program.) The benefits of exercise to your health, your body and your state of mind are just too great to ignore.

What you may not have considered is what a fantastic opportunity you have to use this season in your life to develop a fitness habit with your entire family. It can be tough to jump on the treadmill or work out at the gym each day with a small child in tow, but it's not so tough to...

-- play tag in the yard.

-- dance to music in the living room.

-- carefully roll a ball around on the floor, gently stretching your muscles as you do.

-- discover the joys of chasing after a bouncy ball outdoors.

-- kick the leaves around in your yard.

-- pretend to be birds flying all around.

All while including your other child or even your whole family.

Any of these activities can be aerobic if done consistently. Even better than that, these activities can cause hysterical laughter. Imagine that. Your family getting the idea that fitness is fun!

If you have older children, walking around the neighborhood or a track is a great way to stimulate conversation. Believe me, you'll want those well-established relationships long before the teen years set in and now is the time to build them.

You get the idea here, don't you? The name of the game is to MOVE...jump, wiggle, walk, dance, stretch and any other movement that is comfortable and safe for you while pregnant.

Beneficial exercise during pregnancy need not be tedious, boring or tiresome. In fact, exercise like that is destined to be stopped as soon as possible! If you're sports minded, you can...

-- swim together. Your pregnant body will feel lightweight in the water and there are many excellent "Mommy and Me" type swim classes that can be done with your older child.

-- practice ball catching and throwing, or dribbling a basketball or soccer ball. You'll need to go slower and so will your child, but it's still great exercise plus wonderful fun.

-- try badminton. Even a preschooler can practice (watch that racket!) and it's very easy to connect with the birdie. You'll find yourself moving a lot, even just to retrieve the birdie.

This is a win-win for everyone in your family. When you exercise during pregnancy, you not only benefit you and your unborn baby, but you can use this special time to get your family on a firm fitness path that can continue the rest of your lives together.

Encouraging your family in the ways of health and wellness is priceless. Put on those tennies and get started today!

Author's Bio: 

Colleen Langenfeld has been parenting for over 26 years and helps other moms enjoy mothering more at http://www.paintedgold.com . Visit her website and get more info about exercise during pregnancy today.