Todays workout will consist of the following exercises remember we all must stop doing whatever we are doing to put ourselves first, Yes there I said it put yourself first! FIRST! when we are in better shape we can do a lot more for our kids ,spouses,and parents, because we have more energy and we all can relate to this simple fact, more energy = positive vibes which in turns into happier feelings about life itself. So we must stop putting everyone else first because lord knows we baby boomers some how gotten to the point of feeling responsible for everyone! Do not get this wrong we can still be the most responsible generation, but our love ones are better off with us in shape and able to do for a longer time period! HERE IS TODAYS WORKOUT!!

#1) PUSH-UP do as many as you can without being to hard on yourself

#2) Jumping jacks do as many as you can for 30 seconds

#3) REPEAT #1 PUSH-UPS until tired

#4) TIP-TOES stand up straight, with feet 2"-3" apart and raise up and down on toes for 30 seconds.

#5) REPEAT #1 PUSH-UPS until tired

#6) Jumps Jump up and down for 45 seconds at 12-15 jumps as high as you can.


#8) Walk up and down steps for one minute. if you do not have steps make one with some phone books


#10) JOG IN PLACE for 45 seconds

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Dale Brown

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happily married for 22 years and just starting to enjoying life at the age of 44 and loving every every moment of it.