The idea of the comfort zone is connected to system of heating and air conditioning. We set a thermostat with the idea of creating “comfort” for ourselves, say from 66 degrees on the low end to 76 degrees on the high end. Anytime the temperature in the room goes outside that range, the heat or air kicks on and returns the temperature within the comfort zone.

The Dead Zone

But with the heating and air conditioning trade, they don’t call it the comfort zone. They call it the DEAD zone. Because in that area, there isn’t anything happening! There’s no need for air conditioning because it isn’t HOT enough… and there’s no need for heat because it isn’t COLD enough. The system is basically… dead.

So we think that’s what we should start calling it. The DEAD zone. Because calling it the COMFORT ZONE is just too… comfortable. When we perform in the DEAD ZONE that’s exactly what our performance is…lifeless.

Choose Discomfort

So if GROWTH is your goal, the answer is simple: Make the decision to take actions and live a life that includes MORE discomfort. It is only through discomfort that we grow…

For example, EXERCISE… if you’re pushing yourself… is UNCOMFORTABLE. Choosing to accept a speaking engagement to a group of 250 people, that you might otherwise decline, is UNCOMFORTABLE. Making the sales call you’ve been avoiding is UNCOMFORTABLE. Success and growth is always about doing choosing the UNCOMFORTABLE over the COMFORTABLE. ALWAYS.

Instead of comfort, seek challenge. Instead of luxury, seek victory. Instead of safety, seek growth. If you really want to grow, do something everyday that scares you.

To be sure, there’s a war going on for your mind, because the world is trying with all its power to sell you on the joys of comfort. Sit back! Relax! Put your feet up and grab the remote.

The problem is that the comfort zone is either EXPANDING or CONTRACTING. It is never static. And one day you wake up, a different more timid person from the one you were ten, fifteen, twenty years ago.

There is good news. You can start expanding your comfort zone today. Next time something comes your way, a new event, an unexpected opportunity… don’t shrink from it. Ignore any voices in your head telling you that you can’t or shouldn’t do it! Do it! And get out of that comfort zone.

Author's Bio: 

Richard Fenton is America's Most Motivating Speaker on Overcoming Rejection and is also known as, "The Go for No! Guy"
Richard is President of Courage Crafters Inc., an organization dedicated to helping individuals and organizations develop the proactive courage to achieve breakthrough performance and extraordinary results by intentionally increasing their failure rate. The author of hundreds of articles on sales and management performance and four books including, “Go for No! The Ultimate Strategy for Failing Your Way to Success”, Richard is considered a ‘Failure Philosopher’ with an advanced degree in Reject-ology. Rich’s cutting edge ideas and strategies are shared in keynotes and workshops across the country. He is a member of the National Speakers Association and the Professional Society for Sales & Marketing Training.