If you think that music is only a hobby or passion, think again. You may be in for a pleasant surprise. Music today is a full-fledged professional choice and a highly paying one at that for those who have made a mark for themselves in the field. All you need is some basic skills, passion, talent and little bit of grooming. The icing on the cake is being in the profession; you may continue your involvement in the passion and earn big money too. A win-win situation for all and a life long romance and honeymoon with music. Can life get any better?

You need to bear a few things in mind before embarking on the great musical journey of your life. Having decided to make a career in the field, you would definitely be brimming with skills and talent. What you may require is perhaps some ideas about options that are available in the vast field of music.

Let us start with the profession of a performer. A performer gives shape and his personal touch to music and gets maximum accolades for a nice performance. You can be a part of a band or independent on your own. If you are a band member, you can be a vocalist, a drummer, a pianist or a guitarist. If you already are one, one of the avenues available to you is to give a live performance at any one of many places such as night clubs, weddings, holiday parties, company functions, music stores, star hotels, cruise liners, grand openings and so on. Remember – this opening has the potential of being just a start – so give your best performance, and greater opportunities are bound to strike you sooner rather than later!

Another option in the field of performers is that of a disc jockey. There is a great demand for a disc jockey and you may end up earning good amounts as you gain experience in the area, besides having fun alongside.

Another area you can explore is to cut and place your own CD for sale in the market. It is a good idea to package your music and create a bit of hype around it. Remember it is show business. You may be a powerhouse of talent but would still require some publicity to sell it none-the-less!

Teaching music is another career choice available to you. This is a wonderful profession, which does not require a college degree or certificate. All you require is better than average credentials, word of mouth publicity and the ability to play an instrument. Most first time students are only interested in knowing how to play the instrument rather than being an expert. So you have a great chance of spreading music and earn well too in the profession.

You can also work in a recording studio and help people make their own albums. Of course you would need to be a trifle more discerning in various genres of music such as Jazz, Classical, Country, Rock and Urban etc. so as to be able to offer sound advice and make a difference to their music. To be better off, you would also need to be conversant with techniques such as audio mastering and digital music recording.

Music is a vast field and the sky is the limit for those who want to make a beginning. Believe me; your life will never be the same again.

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The author loves teaching music. You can buy some studio equipment and make your own music. You can learn the latest music terms with the help of this music dictionary.