With so many people opting for plastic surgery and other procedures, over 11 million in 2006, the fate of facial exercises seems to be in terminal decline. Women and men are going for the quick fix of either injections or, more radically, surgery, where they opt to either have pieces of skin and tissue removed from their body or have artificial substances implanted inside them.

To someone from another world, it might seem quite a strange concept.

These same people will probably be spending a second fortune on gym membership and will be wasting hours pounding away at treadmills and weights to get their body in shape, yet they will not countenance spending 5 to 10 minutes on some facial exercise that will improve their looks.

It is not generally realised that these facial exercises can be incorporated into the daily beauty routine, instead of just rubbing in the skin cream, it is possible to utilize your facial exercises at the same time, thus killing two birds with one stone.

The type of facial exercises are very important, from all the different ones around, only isometric offer the best results, just as they do in regular exercising.

Yet facial exercises alone are not the full answer to a beautiful face, there are many other strategies that should be utilised in the fight against ageing, for instance, acupoint massage which targets the acupoints of the face, which helps to increase the energy flow and thus allows the toxins to be released giving the skin a healthy glow. This too can be done at the same time as the normal beauty regimen.

A further enhancement is the use of magnet therapy which works by stimulating the acupoints with specialised magnets that gets the energy and blood flow working better. Increased blood flow helps the skin by bringing more oxygen and removing the impurities which is one of the best ways of getting a younger looking skin.

The latest weapon that has proved really useful is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which not only gives the impetus to remain on the straight and narrow, but can also give a fantastic insight into the inner problems that are holding a person back and help to get rid of them, in some cases, the change can be almost instantaneous.

The benefits of facial exercise cannot be underestimated, even for those who are determined to go ahead with some surgery. Using it for several weeks before will give the face more definition that will give your surgeon a better canvas to work on, whilst using it a couple of months after, will keep your new looks for longer and so you will not need to return to the surgeon for a retouch.

Finally, the saddest thing is that facial exercies are not even considered by the young, yet they have the most to gain from it. Not only will they stave off the signs of ageing and so keep looking good, they can also use it to help re-shape their faces.

With so many advantages facial exercises may be down but it certainly is not out.

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Dominique is the author of the acclaimed ebook FacialWizard which as been transforming the faces and lives of women and a few brave men around the world.
She is also the creative designer at www.imagewizard.biz a site dedicated to making original web designs.