It’s that time of year again – football season is in full swing, the leaves on the trees are turning red, orange, and yellow. Little goblins are fantasying about the pile of candy they will bag on Halloween Night. When the days grow short and the air gets crisp the fashion-conscious male knows it’s the perfect time to take a look at the wardrobe. Are you ready for Fall with the stylish clothing staples that this time of year dictates?

Over the past few years, men's sport coats and blazers have become an autumn necessity. Not only do they help keep the cold away, they look great and are incredibly versatile. Many guys choose to wear a sport coat or a blazer instead of more bulky and much less convenient outerwear. A sport coat as outerwear is, in fact, a terrific look that combines fashion sense with the versatility that allows you to change settings easily – go from the office to a late lunch or a night on the town and your blazer or sport coat allows you to fit in, feel comfortable and look you’re best. An awesome look for autumn includes pairing a blazer and Polo shirt with your favorite pair of jeans. It works for so many reasons, and in so many different situations

Another great item to consider for the fall season – and something to add class and style to the sport coat or blazer look – is corduroy. Corduroy pants work well not only as relaxed, weekend garb but also for business casual attire. Cords look rich and sophisticated – the name itself is derived from a word that means cloth fit for a king. But Kingliness aside – this is darn comfortable material! The more tailored kind of corduroys can be worn for those dressier days, especially when coupled with a nice fall dress shirt and tweed jacket.

Another key item for your fall wardrobe is the simple striped shirt. Every fashion designer and shirt manufacturer has come out with some kind of striped shirt that works for a fall look. Your choices are virtually endless. The nice thing about striped shirts is that they can be worn independently with jeans, with a suit, or even hidden under a sweater. Fall fashion is about layering – and from bold and thick stripes to thin ones; it's a good look that you will find easy to incorporate into many ensembles.

Now that the weather is starting to get chilly, think about checking out your wardrobe. Make sure you’re ready to make a fashion statement that “falls” in line with the season.

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Fall Fashion is written by Ron E. Porter for SKMENSWEAR. Ron E. Porter has 24 years of rich experience in the high tech industry with various companies. In addition to his business pursuits, Ron has written several articles and books on positive affirmation, historical fiction, and business principles, and is currently working on becoming a published author.