As part of my own process of preparing to meet and manifest a soulmate I created a series of processes for myself that I call “feelinizations”. While some people might call them “visualizations” I have found that “feelingization” is the more accurate term. Just being able to visualize isn’t enough – you have to feel in every cell of your being the outcome you want to create.

For instance: Let’s say you want to manifest a green Jaguar convertible. You could visualize yourself sitting behind the wheel of this car and you could spend days, weeks or months seeing yourself sitting in this green convertible Jaguar but, if you don’t really believe you deserve this car, just visualizing it won’t make it happen. You need to be able to feel how you will feel driving this car knowing in every cell of your body that it is already yours and that you completely deserve it. This is why I call these processes “feelingizations.”

At the beginning of my career, I didn’t always know exactly what I wanted, but I was always sure of how I would feel when I got my heart’s desire. For instance, when I moved to Los Angeles in 1984, I needed to manifest a job. Being young and totally new to the entertainment capital of the world, I wasn’t at all clear on what kind of job to look for but I was 100% clear that I wanted a job that would leaving me feeling satisfied, creative and well-paid. So, twice a day I would lie down, close my eyes and imagine in every part of my body what it would feel like when I had a job that was fun, creative, made good use of my existing skills and would challenge me to learn new things.

Within ten days I found the perfect job. I also used this technique for manifesting a place to live and ended up with not only a great apartment but a roommate who insisted on doing all the cleaning and cooking!

You can use feelingizations in every area of your life, including manifesting a soul mate. Prior to meeting Brian, I had a ritual feelingization:

Each day at sunset I would light several candles, put on my favorite CD of Gregorian chants and sit in my big, cozy chair. With my eyes closed I would drop into the feeling of remembering the joy of having my soul mate in my life, I would experience these wonderful feelings in every part of my body KNOWING that he was on the way (there were days when the thought that he was VERY LATE did cross my mind but I would just let those thoughts go and get back to being in a state of grace that his arrival was assured).

Feelingizations have the added benefit of being very relaxing which in turn is good for your health!

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