Feeling Stuck? Things aren’t happening? Energy low?

Although the spring flowers are in bloom, other things in your life may not be blossoming quite as well. Many of you may know that this is the Year of the Pig in Chinese astrology, but what you may not know is that, more specifically in Feng Shui, this is also a “2 Black” year.

No, I am not talking roulette here.

In Traditional Feng Shui lingo, the “2 Black” relates to the advanced Flying Start system, and it is associated with the "earth" element. In a nut shell: while the energy pattern of a building is fixed at the time of construction, the life-force energy of the universe constantly changes in annual cycles (eventually repeating themselves) and has universal effects during that time period. This means that it effects you, your house, your significant others, your family, your neighbors, your friends, work colleagues, etc. Yes, all of us are affected in similar ways during this period - from February 5th of the current year until February 4th of the following year.

The last time a “2 Black’ year came around was in 1998. Do you remember what happened in your life that year? Do you notice any similarities with what’s happening in your life this year? The similarities are generally more obvious if you still live and work in the same buildings where you lived and worked nine years ago.

Both theory and experience have shown that the “2 Black’ is generally a year of empowerment for women in general, and even more so for older women, mothers, and those more experienced in work or business-related environments. It is also a year when the life-force energy of the Earth is undergoing deep changes and showing its power. These are some of the more positive effects of the “2 Black” year, and they relate to the strong Yin aspect of this vibration - which relates to female figures and the Earth overall.

On the less favorable side – and you know that in Feng Shui, the “good” and “bad” always go hand in hand – this year you may be experiencing more stagnation and delay than ever. It may have manifested in that deal you negotiated three months ago that never moved forward, or that project that was lost in the mail, the computer that kept freezing, or your mortgage payment that the bank misplaced. It may also manifest as a feeling of boredom and stagnation in your relationship or as a lack of enthusiasm in setting new goals and pursuing them.

This is the other side of the Yin earth energy. You get “stuck in the mud,” so to speak. And no matter how you turn it, its effects become more and more entangling because you’re not the only one been affected by it. The effects are universal: All of us are affected by the same stalled energy during these 12 months, increasing the chances for misunderstanding, accidents, or simply procrastination. All this, some may say, makes it a great year to exercise patience.

During an annual update session, I communicate with my clients how the energy of the year is going to affect their lives, their homes, and their offices or businesses, so that they can implement some corrections even before the trouble begins to manifest. In so doing, we prevent the “unfortunate” circumstances from happening or at least significantly mitigate the effects, so they can sail through the year without too much trouble. This is usually the easiest way to counteract the yearly effects.

What can you do in the meantime to reduce the effects of the “2 Black” year?

1) The first thing is to be extra careful, especially when filling out forms, contracts and business plans. Because the nature of the year involves misunderstandings and delays, do not assume that people will understand. In fact, chances are pretty good that they won’t, and delays may result.

2) Invest more time in research and planning, perhaps delaying action until the latter part of the year, if possible. The energy of each New Year is stronger in the beginning (February, March and April), then it fades a bit toward the end (December and January).

3) Let qualified, experienced (let’s just say it… older) women handle the project. Since their luck is naturally stronger this year, there are good chances they’ll encounter fewer obstacles.

4) If you are an older woman, then this may be a good time to set in motion that plan you’ve been “cooking” for a while. Don’t delay, because the powerful influence will decrease as we progress through the year.

5) Place a bronze or brass statue of a horse or a “victorious warrior” in the NE section of your office or your retail space. This will cancel some of the negative effects. This will be relocated on February 5th 2008.

6) In your house, place a bronze or brass statue of a peaceful Buddha in the NE section. If the NE area coincides with the master bedroom and you are experiencing marital disharmony or would like to attract a new relationship, use a romantically inspiring statue of a couple instead. This will be relocated on February 5th 2008.

7) Ladies, if you haven’t done so recently, it is time to head to your OB/GYN for a check up. While this is a favorable year for women, some may experience some “stuck energy” in the stomach or reproductive system. If this is intensified by a genetic predisposition, it could manifest as something less than pleasant this year (if it hasn’t done so already). Do not let it sneak up on you. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine also works wonders for these issues.

Author's Bio: 

Simona F. Mainini is a Doctor of Architecture and Feng Shui Master who uses Traditional Feng Shui to help others increase health, abundance, love, and happiness in their lives. She has been an advisor to celebrities, business executives, and homeowners worldwide, assisting them in creating the lives they want and deserve. She is the author of Feng Shui for Architecture, an “Expert" lecturer and has been teaching classes on Feng Shui for Designers and Architects at UCLA for the past seven years. Visit her website at http://www.fengshuiarch.com to learn more or e-mail her at SimonaM@sbcglobal.net