Can Feng Shui change the economic crises ?

I have been receiving a lot of calls and emails lately in asking me if we could change the energy of the economy through feng shui.

We are now in Period 8 energy. Number 8 looks like a pair of eyes when you put it side way. It is an awakening era. Number 8 also means prosperity in Feng Shui. The Chinese loves the sound of the word “8”, because it is similar to the sound of “prosperity” in Chinese.

When we mention “8” in Chinese, it brings money. It may sound superstitious, it is in fact scientific. The sound of prosperity stimulates the brain.

“8” means infinity in the western world. “8” represents a lot of good things in our life. However, The real estate industry did not do well whenever there was “8” appeared in the year, for example 1978, 1988, 1989, 1998, 2008 My father, who was a business man and a feng shui master brought the ancient Feng Shui knowledge to me at the age of 4. My father explained that feng shui is about harmony and balanced. Anything that would create stress would cause crises.

The number “8” has earth chi. Real Estate is related to earth. There is too much earth chi in the environment, so it creates stress to the environment. Earth chi is heavy, which would affect thought process of some people. You may have noticed of how people react to the negative news. The restaurants and parking lots look empty.

The president elect, Barak Obama is in the right place at the right time. Period 8 chi would support him. Period 8 chi is belonged to young men. This is why there were many young voters. There is no coincidence in what is happening. Obama is the right person to be president for United State to sort this mess out. He would have a lot of support from the present young man chi to work on the money crises. Number 8 stands for money in feng shui.

There is a lot secret coding in the universe. The ancient people have left us some secret codes in Yi Ching and Feng Shui. Most of the things are pre-determined, so you can see what is going to happen to the world.

It is the cycle of chi that impact the economy. Can we rescue the economy through feng shui ? We cannot stop the chi from affecting us. However, if the people in the White House know how to make use of Feng Shui and Yi Ching, they can dilute the blow of the negative energy that is coming at the economy.

Most people are worrying about how they are going to survive in this economy. It is an awakening time for all of us. Period 8 chi tends to have the cleansing effect which makes people lose things. It has made our money shrink with the fuel price and inflation. The number “8” contains Yin and Yang Chi. It is Yin and Yang symbol in 2 circles. The Yin and Yang symbol represents the new beginning. What do you need to have before you can have a new beginning ? It is normally a clean out with nothingness before we can have new things.

I was amazed to see my successful friends have been affected by the economy. What can we do in this situation ?

A few people called me for help after they had lost everything they had. They thought feng shui could save them. Little do they know that the chi needs to grow and manifest. They left me no time to fix things. Feng Shui is not magic. It is a science and nature. It relies on timing and human efforts.

Life has a cycle. Whatever comes down must go up. As some of the people are in rock bottom, there is nothing more left to lose. It is best not to feel fearful but to look for the upswing of life.

I show people how to change their thought process, so they begin to see opportunities. With the feng shui knowledge and wisdom, I recently discover a project that could help people get back to their self esteem in earning big money.

I am looking for teachers, coaches, entrepreneurs who can partner with me to help others to get back on their feet to survive these economy crises. You will be rewarded with good compensation plan for your efforts. My email :

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Kwai Lan Chan is an Imperial Feng Shui Master that tune up people’s lives, a Best Selling Author and a certified Success Action Coach. She is a Radio Show Host “Energy Tune Up” for Big Media Usa. She has been chosen as World’s Greatest Feng Shui Master for “World’s Greatest TV Show”, which had been released for Cable viewers in autumn 2007. She has been on a number of TV shows including Fox and Friends, Neil Cavuto’s show. She was disguised as a boy at birth to receive the Feng Shui knowledge of the imperial court of the ancient China, which was passed down to her at the age of 4. Her lineage can be traced back for thousand of years. Kwai Lan focus on helping her individual clients and business owners enhance their health, finance and relationship for happiness and success. Her clients called her a “Fame Master”, because of her skills in making people become famous and winning awards in a short time. She is a Feng Shui master who is expert in producing success results.