When most people who are familiar with feng shui think of gardening according to feng shui principles, they typically envision a large, open yard filled with neat clusters of rocks, plants, and statuary, creating a field of thriving energy that complements the free, open surroundings. It’s an understandable vision, considering that the very term “feng shui” conjures up visions of serene, sprawling Asian gardens, where people can walk for an entire afternoon while pondering life’s most complicated and unanswerable questions.

Did you know, though, that you can create an equally powerful positive energy by applying feng shui principles to urban container gardening, where you have more concrete than grass, and more people than flowers?

The truth is, it really doesn’t matter all that much how much space you have, or whether you live in an urban, suburban, or rural environment. What matters is how you create your energy in the space you have available.

In confined urban areas, this may likely mean that you will need to create your space through container gardening. This is actually a great way to build positive feng shui, because you are not limited to planting flowers, herbs, and trees in areas of your yard where vegetation normally grows well. Instead, by using gardening containers, you can literally place your plants anywhere you want (within the space alotted to you by your landlord, of course).

It’s okay to put shade plants in a sunny area when you are container gardening, because you can take the plants inside or move them if they start to show signs of solar intolerance. Likewise, you can put full-sun plants in a shade area for a few days, just to be able to balance the energy of that area, before returning the plant to it’s natural habitat. This makes your feng shui garden much more versatile, and allow you to rearrange elements quickly, if a shift in energy occurs in or around your home.

A third great thing about feng shui container gardening is that it’s okay if you develop an emotional connection with your plants, because if you move, you can take them with you. Unlike ground-planted landscapes that homeowners have spent years working on, when you have a container-based garden, you don’t have to worry about leaving it behind. When you move, you can simply move the plants to your new home, helping to create a sense of familiarity and belonging within your new living space.

Container-based feng shui gardening has very few considerations, at least in comparison to fixed-plant gardening. Your plants are easier to arrange and move; you can create more meaningful, healing energy in a smaller space; and you can take your entire landscape with you when you move, if you so desire.

Perhaps the most important facet about container gardening, though, is that you will be creating a peaceful space for yourself, in spite of living just inches away from neighbors, landlords, and maintenance workers. Any time you can find sanctuary in those surroundings, well, it has to be well worth the effort.

Good luck and happy landscaping!

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