What used to be thought of as the latest “trend” just hasn’t gone away. Feng Shui, which hit the United States to a stream of controversy and people saying “Feng WHAT”? has proven over time that clients are truly experiencing total transformations when they implement Feng Shui into their lives.

Indeed, this 5,000 art of placement is also considered a science by many. When Feng Shui was brought to the United States in the early 1980’s by Professor Lin Yun who is considered to be a High Holy Master in China, he changed the way people viewed their lives. Having used Feng Shui for many years in China, he quickly realized that here, in the U.S., our homes and businesses were already built facing all different directions. Not only is he credited with bringing Feng Shui here, he is also credited with developing the Bagua method.

The Bagua is simply a “Life Station Map” which addresses all the areas of your life, including relationships, wealth, health, career and many more. The Black Sect method of Feng Shui relates closely with the word “Intention.” Changes in our surroundings were not just to address the energy flow in our surroundings, but had to be made with the Intentions of what we wished to Create in our lives. Sounding familiar?

What are Intentions exactly? With the advent and popularity of “The Secret,” it has become much easier to give clients a different perspective on how to view their lives and how much Intention (aka “The Laws of Attraction”) bring back to us exactly what we send out. The Secret was not a secret to Feng Shui consultants or their clients. We can truly achieve in our lives what we have formerly thought of as only a dream.

Would you like to see some changes in Your life? Put some simple Feng Shui methods to work for you, infuse the changes you make with Intention and let go; Feng Shui will take off with a synchronicity of its own.

1. Clean UP. You can’t allow new and improved things to enter your life when you are bogged down with the old. Learn to let go of anything (or anyone) who doesn’t enhance your life.

2. Want to get an area “moving?” Using the Bagua, go to the Money area of your home or business. Put something that moves in that area, with the Intention that money is going to come IN. Once it does, move the object to another area that might be stagnant and put something heavy in the money area, your Intention now being to weigh it down so it doesn’t move right out again.

3. Want to get things changing quickly? Simple. Feng Shui Principles ask that you move 27 objects to a different area. Since the Auspicious number of Feng Shui is the number 9, we are working in increments of nine here. This Black Sect method is sometimes used to “kick-start” Feng Shui to get things moving in a better direction rapidly.

4. Clear your home or business from any predecessor or stuck energy. Although a variety of methods can be used for this, try some pure sage. Walk through your home or business with your Intention being to just clear it out; do this during daylight hours, preferably between 11am to 1pm for the best Yang Energy.

5. Survey your own rooms from a different perspective. Do they seem open and inviting or is there too much furniture, are entrances blocked or does it lack color and life force? Add plants to bring in some good “Chi” Energy, a bouquet of fresh flowers and fruit on the table to signify abundance.

Eng Shui is not the trend people believed at first. With clients such as Donald Trump, Mayor Bloomberg and companies such as ABC, CNN, and IBM seeking advice on Feng Shui, you can bet it’s here to stay.

Carole Provenzale, CFSP

Author's Bio: 

Certified Feng Shui Expert, Carole Provenzale is the Founder of Feng Shui Long Island & New York, est. in 1997. Today it has become a complete Feng Shui Service and Design Center providing Consultations on site for New York, Queens and Long Island and also at a distance.

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