So often we hold off living God’s purpose for our life. We know exactly what we should be doing with our life but feel we are not qualified to do it because we do not have any experience.

After graduating from high school or college, or after we start to learn about ourselves and discover our passions and decide to turn our passions into careers, we start to think, "I can't find a career doing this. They are going to look for someone with experience to do this job. I don't have any experience."

This simply is not true. Just because you haven't worked on a job that required you to use these skills, doesn't mean you are not experienced. You have God on your side and life experience and that, my friend, is worth so much more.

A lot of people discover God’s purpose for their life and then get discouraged when they think 2 years of experience, 5 years, 10 years are required.

If you have a passion for something, you will more than likely, have experience.

Let's say you have completed a self-assessment and discovered that you are passionate about planning events.

All of your life you threw parties and get-togethers. You threw a huge birthday party for your mother's 50th birthday that had a large turnout and everyone enjoyed it. They enjoyed it so much that for months afterwards, they couldn't stop talking about the wonderful time they had at this party.

You have also planned get-togethers that everyone you invite attends because they know your parties are the best.

So, you have decided you want to be a Party Planner.

"But I don't have any experience."

Even though you have planned successful events since forever, you were never paid for the events. You did them because you enjoyed doing it.

Just because you weren't paid, doesn't mean that you don't have experience. Let's look at what was involved in planning your mother's 50th birthday party.

You came up with the idea. Then you put together a list of people you wanted to invite. You planned a date and time; selected a location; designed and printed invitations; arranged catered food; decorated the location; and hosted the event.

There were probably a million other little things that were involved as well. Sounds like experience to me. And to anyone else that is listening.

Let's say, for the past 5 years, you have planned different events--for family, for friends, for the Student Union at school.

This is experience. You could take this experience and put it on a resume and submit it to a corporate event planning company.

OK. Let's say you honestly do not have experience in your chosen field. This does not necessarily mean you will have to go back to school to gain the experience.

If you do not have any experience in the field that you have decided is your life's purpose--that's not a problem. You can always get experience by VOLUNTEERING.

Find a non-profit organization that will allow you to do the type of work that you would like experience in, and volunteer. If you are in college, find a company and intern with them to gain experience. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce and volunteer to help out at some of their functions.

There are thousands of organizations in which you could volunteer to gain experience if you feel you need it. (Go to and do a search on "volunteering".)

You will be gaining so much by volunteering. First, you will have an opportunity to gain experience in the field you wish to enter. Secondly, you will feel good by helping or serving others. Thirdly, you will be able to meet people who are involved in the field you wish to enter. Network with them and learn all that you possibly can about your chosen field.

Gain experience and serve people. What better way is there to start living your life's purpose so you can live the life God intended you to live!

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Dawn Fields is a motivational speaker and trainer who teaches church and youth organizations how to discover God’s purpose for their life and incorporate that purpose into a career. Visit her Web site at or join her FREE weekly ezine by sending a blank email to