I have mentioned affirmations in other articles; my desire with this one is for you to understand their importance.

"Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion." - Jim Rohne

With feelings and behaviors, awareness is the key to discovering why things happen and being able to exercise choices that create new and better outcomes.

You have no choice or control over that which you are unaware of. Once you become aware of something, however, you have choice over it. You can exercise some control.

"We cannot always control our thoughts, but we can control our words, and repetition impresses the subconscious, and we are then master of the situation." - Jane Fonda

Many people begin on the journey of affirmations because they believe it may be a quick and easy one – that is what I originally thought. However, repeating your affirmations just one day a week is definitely not enough. If you are one of the people who have used affirmations but found that they did not work for you, this may be the reason. You are bombarded on a daily basis with negative information that lessens your belief in yourself. You need to build affirmations that are personal to you; ones that speak to exactly what you want. Then you need to declare them out LOUD and crank it up. Every day, twice a day! You want to be able to injure the thing being hit (eg: a bad health habit, poverty mind-set) In order to make that bad habit go away you gotta increase the fight against it. At a minimum, your affirmations need to be repeated out loud twice per day; in the morning when you first get up and just before you go to sleep. These two times of day are the most effective. However, if really want to Crank It Up then repeating them at various times during the day will be the ammunition against all the negative information that constantly bombards you.

We are all affected by what’s happening out there right now, however we do not have to be infected by it!

With affirmations you say it – then see it.

Keep increasing the intensity of your affirmations. Real freedom requires intensity and commitment. With anything in life, if you do it half-heartedly then you will receive half-hearted results. I personally know how intense I need to be in order to accomplish my goals. During an exercise at one of the Peak Potential Camps I had the privilege of being able to feel exactly what intensity level I was capable of. Wow, was that ever a surprise! If you ever get an opportunity to attend a Peak Potentials workshop, seminar or camp, give yourself the gift and GO!

"Everyone's life is under someone's control - it might as well be under your own so that you can direct your destiny." - Harry Tucker

This is where it begins to get interesting. When you intensely repeat the affirmations; stating what you want, several things happen. First, you generally feel good. What’s more, you tend to get ideas about how to get what you want. You also tend to notice resources that might enable you to get what you want. You’re also more likely to feel motivated to take action to get what you want. And, you’re more likely to develop the personal qualities you might need to get what you want—such things as persistence, creativity, enthusiasm, imagination, courage, and so forth.

When you reach your threshold for what you can handle, you begin to focus on what you don’t want, what you’re worried about, what you’re afraid of, what you want to avoid. This is where you really need to focus on the affirmations, intensely focus. When you have developed the success habit of daily positive affirmations it will be much easier to remember to use them when you reach your level of not being able to cope. Focusing on what you don’t want creates an uncomfortable state; a sort of bad feeling. When you are able to turn that around and focus on what you do want, you will more easily be able to create the results you want.

Remember to get into the habit of daily affirmations, for me they have changed my life for the better. If you would like ‘Affirmations’ in the subject line and I will send you a copy of the ones I repeat on a daily basis.

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Carla McNeil a HR Consultant. She spent 20+ years in the hospitality industry she realized that if she continued doing what she was doing she would retire dead or dead broke just like 97% of the population. Carla has now discovered the beauty of a home based business. She has learned many success habits on the journey towards financial freedom. Looking for people who are looking for change; who want to develop and grown in a supportive team environment. Please visit RetireWithCarla.com.