From as long as I can remember, back to childhood even, I always wanted to be the helper. In grammar school, I wanted to be the teacher’s helper all of the time. As I grew older and more mature, the desire to help others became stronger. My aspiration when I was in Junior High School was to be a psychologist. As I entered high school, the want to help others was still there but it shifted a bit toward the law. The thought of becoming a lawyer to help children’s rights and the best interest for the child took me over.

Enrolled in college as a pre-law major. In 1990, my mother who had a catering business needed some help, so I put my plans on hold and helped her. It started out as just helping with ordering and cooking with her for functions, to me taking over the role of handling all customer inquiries and booking functions. This was it for me, I can remember a bride calling and she was so anxious about her upcoming wedding and by the end of our conversation, she was at ease and she was now just excited, I listened to her and I calmed her mind, that is what she needed. At that moment, I knew a “caterer”, I was. Not only in providing delicious foods for events but for helping people achieve their goal. Since 1998, I have been the owner of the catering business and have loved every minute of it.

In 2003, my life changed in an instant. The ever so frightening and out of the blue panic attack hit me. There was no obvious explanation for it and there was no familiarity of the horrific sensations that it supplied my body. My life as I knew it was changed and changed forever. The first anxiety attack snowballed into avoidance behavior, irrational fears and extreme weight loss.

Over and over I asked myself, how did this happen, I am confident, happy and my life is full. Little did I know that I was seeking my purpose, I thought I had found it with my business, but it was only half of my purpose. Through out my one year of battling severe anxiety, I began to help myself, develop tools that calmed me, developed ways to change my thinking and rid myself of anxiety. This was the missing link for me.

Anxiety is frightening and can be debilitating but I made it through and with so many positives. My purpose was clear; I was going to bring my experiences to help others. In July of 2005, I published my first book, “It’s Okay To Have Anxiety…Really!” I became a Certified Master Life Coach.

There is nothing missing in my life as far as the search for my purpose, I found it through the hardest time of my life. The ease my clients have with me and the accomplishments they achieve, no price tag can be put on that. My dream has come true. I am making a difference and I have learned so much from people all over the world in the process. If you are in search for your purpose, look back to your past and ask yourself, what made me happy and fulfilled? Am I doing that today? Do I feel whole or do I feel as though I am missing something? Everyone has a purpose, do not be afraid of the signs, your intuition will guide you if you let it. Once you find your purpose, your life will improve dramatically. There is a purpose of most everything in this world, including the ugly mosquito, so that means that you too have a purpose, go out and get it.

Written by: Kristen L. Baker, Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Spiritual Coach, Certified Wellness Coach
Author of: "It's Okay To Have Anxiety...Really!" and 30Day Boot Camp to Eliminate Fears & Phobias.,

Author's Bio: 

Kristen L. Baker is no stranger to fears and phobias. She had panic attacks which stopped her from driving and caused her to avoid crowds. At one point, she feared almost everything and that's when she said that she had had enough of living a life with limitations. She was determined to create tools to help herself and to share those tools with others. That is exactly what she has done. She has helped people go back to work that were agoraphobic and could not leave their homes; these individuals are now driving and living limitless lives. She has changed hundreds of lives and impacted thousands of people. Kristen has this amazing understanding for the disorder and her clients get results. Having personally overcome her fears, she is compassionate and committed to helping others. She is a recognized expert on this topic and she will change your life.

In 2005, she received her Master Life Designation and in 2006 received her Spirtitual Life Coaching Designation. Kristen self-published a book on anxiety in 2005. Her life and passion is on coaching and helping people eliminate their fears and phobias.