First Be Happy then Make Love!
How often are we depending on and expecting our romantic relationship to make us happy? Or anticipating that when we get into "that great relationship" we will be happy? Of course, romance, relationships and sex can bring tremendous pleasure and joy, but do they fundamentally make a person happy? If you talk to people about this, like Alicia and I do everyday in our coaching practice, you might find (and probably already know) that people associate as much, if not more, difficulty with their love life as they associate happiness with it. Even though we may admit this, people generally find themselves putting the burden of their happiness on their current love life (or anyTHING really... money, job, health, and so on). Or we find ourselves living in hope that a future romance (or anything) will bring us happiness. When we inquire into the true source of happiness... really an Unconditional Happiness... we can relieve our love life and relationship partners of carrying this burden which they can't fulfill. When we locate this Unconditional Happiness, we can actually bring it to our love life, making our romance, relationships and sex that much more joyous and pleasurable. We've all tasted this Unconditional Happiness, but we never found it in anyTHING... perhaps we found it in "things as it is", as Suzuki Roshi used to say in his Zen broken paradoxical English.


Author's Bio: 

Erwan Davon is the founder of Beyond Education, former director of a Yoga Ashram and lived in a Zen monastery. He also spent time studying, researching, and teaching high level sensuality material prior to founding Beyond Education. This training and experience, as well as a degree in psychology, provided a foundation from which to develop an extraordinarily effective experiential style of teaching. It also provided a wide body of information to draw from. Erwan then developed the Beyond Education curriculum by emphasizing personal research into life’s most pleasurable and sensitive areas.