Pregnancy is a natural state that most women will experience at least once in their life. Modern society seams to have parted from considering pregnancy like the beautiful, natural phenomenon it is. One can sincerely ask if the medical community in an attempt to make pregnancy and delivery a safe state has given into the tendency to make them more complicated than they really are.

Too often pregnant women are exposed to stressing messages about the risks of pregnancy and delivery. In reality, North America has one of the lowest neonatal mortality rates in the world.

There are certain proven facts to aim at a healthier pregnancy and delivery. It is suggested that pregnant women have the proper medical care and follow-up. It is also recommended that pregnant women have a healthy diet generous in fruits and vegetables and dairy products. A pre-natal supplement is also recommended to ensure the proper amount of folic acid and iron.

A pregnant woman should stay away from foods rich in sugar (like deserts) and fat (the so-called junk food). Her weight gain will be more harmonious and her baby will not be fed second class foods.

Pregnancy is the ideal time to get rid of unhealthy habits like smoking, marijuana smoking or regular alcohol consumption. All these substances have proven harmful to the future mother and her baby to be born.

A serious word of caution is almost needed when considering drugs whether they are prescribed or bought off the shelves at the pharmacy. History is filled with painful lessons of drugs being deleterious to babies. Any pregnant women should consult her doctor and pharmacist before using drugs during her pregnancy and even before conceiving.

Natural health products are being used freely and in considerable amounts nowadays. Pregnant women have to know that most of these substances have not been profoundly tested and their effects on themselves and their unborn baby are yet to be determined. There is a serious need for control and studies of the so-called natural products in pregnancy. While awaiting for serious studies proving that these substances are completely safe to use during pregnancy, one should ask her pharmacist and doctor and in doubt, refrain from using them.

Some people might argue that these substances are “natural” and per se can be used freely. One small example that this is far from the truth is that researchers have found substances sold as Chinese remedies without any prescriptions that were way more potent than morphine. In doubt, pregnant women should stick with eating healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle.

Although many pregnant women may feel a boosted sense of energy during their pregnancy, others will feel like they need more rest or sleep. Again, good common sense dictates to listen to one’s feeling and rest appropriately.

Upon getting ready for the delivery, the expectant couple has to know that the proper preparation will help them live the birth they are aspiring to.

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