Dating need not be an occasion where nerves are frayed and the palms are all sweaty. With the right attitude and the right atmosphere, dating can be pleasurable, enjoyable and fun.

Heck, it can even be quite therapeutic if you know what buttons to tweak!

Below are some tips that one can do to make dates, dinner or lunch or whatever kind, exciting and fun.

1. Relax

The success of the date is not the be all and end all of things. So just relax and do not put much pressure on yourself to make the date as fun as possible. In fact, when you worry too much, chances are the date will lose its spontaneity.

Conversations will be stilted and forced. Your date may feel uncomfortable in your presence. There is a chance that you will even be so clumsy because of your nervousness. Remember that people easily pick up feelings of nervousness. If you are nervous, they will eventually be nervous too. Have fun. Be yourself and get to know each other.

2. Choose the right ambiance

The place where you will have your date is also crucial especially when it is just the first date. Things can be really awkward on first dates whether or not you are friends who are dating for the first time or perfect strangers who will be testing the waters of compatibility.

This is why an appropriate place is important as it will serve as an icebreaker for both parties. The place should be something that both parties will feel comfortable in. If meeting for the first time, it is also good to meet in places where there is a lot of people or in places where there are interesting things that can serve as topics of conversation.

3. Choose an activity

Another great way to make the date more interesting and fun is to go to a place and do some activities. Sports activities are great ways to bond. For instance, if you are both bowling enthusiasts, you can have your date inside a bowling alley.

Another fun activity that you should try is going to carnivals or to theme parks. You can also try going to the park for a bout with the bicycle or with roller skates. Another great place where you can go on dates is inside art museums and even on historical places depending on your interests. One important thing to remember is to take into consideration your likes and favorites as well as that of your date.

This way, both of you can enjoy the evening individually and at the same time be together. Also, when you are doing something that you like or something that you are good at, it bolsters your self-confidence and makes you forget about your nervousness. Having fun will also allow you to present the best side of yourself.

Besides, doing something that you like together will help you find a common ground that will eventually help in the budding relationship.

4. keep an open mind

You will not enjoy the date unless you keep an open mind. Let yourself enjoy the time with your date. Having a mind set about your date even before you have met or on the date itself even before it started will only ruin the whole experience.

If you expect too much, you will only end up being disappointed but if you expect the date to be such a disaster, you will unconsciously not give the date much of a chance. It is important that you live every minute by the minute and not think about anything but the present.

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