Have you ever felt the magic of ¡°eye of the tiger¡± focus and concentration? When you feel this intense experience, others see and feel this state energizing you. They see the determination in your eyes, hear the self-assured way in which you speak, and feel confidence and success radiating from you. You feel ¡°in flow¡± -- in an effortless zone. Things somehow seem easier, as if you've tapped an unlimited source of energy. You are ¡°on,¡± and challenges and obstacles seem small.

Most of us feel eye of the tiger determination at times in our lives. But its appearance may be fleeting and infrequent. How can we make it a constant companion? A rich resource available upon request? Here are some suggestions:

Practice anchoring. Do certain scents bring back particularly strong memories? How about certain songs? Most of us ¡°anchor¡± feelings to external environmental cues. When a cue or trigger presents itself, certain feelings and emotional states follow. Practice anchoring eye of the tiger feelings. The next time you feel yourself entering this zone, perform some physical action, like making a fist, and mentally relate it to your feelings. If you do this consistently, you can begin to anchor those strong, determined feelings to the physical action, and will soon be able to call these feelings on demand by performing the action. This isn¡¯t uncommon in world-class athletes. They can frequently be seen accessing an anchor before a sports event, perhaps closing their eyes and making two fists with their hands, or performing some pre-performance ritual that has led to success in the past.

Eliminate distractions. Our minds are like computers, and can only process a certain amount of information at a time. When life distractions, that aren't central to our core mission, consistently intrude, the eye of the tiger is hard to maintain. Distractions can intrude in many ways, from watching too much television, to having few or weak boundaries for our personal lives. Weak boundaries can result in a tremendous drain on our mental computers as we attempt to satisfy the desires of others for our time, energy, and computer processor time. Stick close to your core life objectives.

Exercise. Perhaps nothing does as much for eye of the tiger determination as physical exercise. This activity not only allows our bodies to function more efficiently, exercise also results in mental functions becoming easier and less stressful. Our minds seem to lose some of the ¡°flitting¡± around characteristics that makes concentration more difficult. Exercise also promotes focus in and of itself. A hard workout focuses the mind on the intense workout task, allowing us to rehearse and feel the eye of the tiger feeling more frequently.

Eye of the tiger focus can help increase sales, increase attainment of goals, grow a personal business, create better relationships, create a better employee or manager, and achieve peak performance in many areas of life. As you turn your attention to your different roles, and the goals you have developed for those roles, remember to develop your eye of the tiger, and bring its power to bear often.

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