Flower Essences are very different than Aromatherapy. They have no scent. They are flowers, specially prepared in water. Flower essences address specific mental and emotional issues, bringing balance through vibrational resonance. Taking drops under the tongue, transform and harmonize specific stressful emotions. The remedies are as effective for adults, as implied for children, in this article. I am available to discuss applications relating to your personal challenges

Flower essences offer a viable alternative for supporting the growth and development of children. Positive changes in behavior can be quite profound in areas such as self-esteem, learning difficulties, emotional issues, and inappropriate social behavior. When used within the overall context of a supportive family life, school system, and proper nutrition, flower essences can safely and gently promote balance, harmony, and a healthier identity. Each essence consists of a sun infusion of wildflowers or garden blossoms and spring water, and is preserved with brandy. Essences are usually administered orally, four drops under the tongue or mixed in juice, four times daily. Each flower essence holds a unique vibrational signature and produces no chemical or biological interaction with the body.

Instead, essences work by vibrational resonance, which creates harmony and encourages, rather than compels, change. This gently nourishes and guides children toward experiencing themselves as whole and complete individuals.
Flower essences are learning tools that call forth blocked capacities. Children often become more receptive focused, and balanced. They display healthy social interactions and a stronger sense of self.In my experience, applied kinesiology, or muscle testing, can be helpful in validating which combination of essences will create the desired outcome. The following are applications of specific flower essences that often shift behavior and experience. They are produced by Flower Essence Services of Nevada City, California, and available in major health food stores.
For procrastination and lethargy

Tansy: produces decisiveness and action

Hornbeam: helps overcome resistance to daily tasksFor children who display

inappropriate behavior

Holly: transforms feelings of jealousy, envy and sibling rivalry into love

Chicory: shifts self-centeredness and neediness to compassion for others

Impatiens: Transforms irritation and intolerance into patience

Chamomile: resolves emotional tension and produces calmTo encourage healing and bonding with parents

Mariposa Lily: Heals female/mother issues

Sunflower: heals male/father issues For resolving fears and anxieties

Mimulus: instills courage in the child who suffers from shyness, phobias and specific fears

Aspen: calms nightmares and unconscious fears

Rock Rose: for terror and panic attacks

Star of Bethlehem: heals trauma and past or present shock

Bach Rescue Remedy or FIve Flower Essence: for emergency and high stress situations For developing greater self-esteem and confidence

Larch: creates confidence in the child who feels inferior to others

Borage: for sadness and discouragement caused by setbacks or disappointments

Buttercup: helps to restore the child's sense of self-worth and uniqueness For the improvement of learning difficulties

Madia: improves focus and concentration

Chestnut bud: helps the child learn from past mistakes

Indian Pink: reduces distraction from outside activity

Clematis: helps focus attention

Peppermint: stimulates mental capacities when dull or sluggish

California Wild Rose: reduces boredom or lack of interest in school work.

Each of the 38 remedies discovered by Dr Bach, is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state.

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