Foods that are high in roughage, bran and fiber are necessary in correcting and preventing constipation. In parts of the world where un-processed grain is used and where large amounts of fiber are consumed, there is little constipation, and passing one or two large, soft stools a day is usual. The following foods are basically used as foods of constipation.

1. Bran cereals – It is one of the best foods that has a larger amount of fibers and roughage. Therefore it is very useful in constipation.

2. Vegetables -- Root foods like potatoes, carrots, turnips, leafy green vegetables like lettuce, celery, spinach, or cooked high residue like cabbage. These vegetables are very good foods to avoid constipation.

3. Fruit -- Cooked or stewed like prunes, applesauce or fresh fruit (skin and pulp)

4. Bulking Agents -- Fiber is the un-digested part of plant food that passes into the colon. Certain types of fiber can soak up and can hold large sum of water. This, in turn, consequence in a larger, bulkier stool which is soft and easier to pass. Sufficient fiber in food or from supplements is recommended each day. This type of water-retaining fiber in general is easily obtained every day by one of the following:

(a) Food bran -- This is obtainable as wheat, oat or rice bran. Processing of wheat and other grains takes away this important fibrous part of the food so these processed products should be avoided.

(b) Psyllium husk -- The psyllium plant is outstanding because its ground seeds can retain so much water. This product is obtainable as Metamucil, Konsyl, Effersyllium, Per Diem Fiber, or the less expensive generic preparation in drug and health food stores. Although tagged a laxative, it really is not a laxative.

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