Have you ever had situation crop up where the love your life ran off? You were heartbroken and after some time decided it was time to move forward with your life. You wanted to forget your ex but suddenly your ex is back, asking for a second chance. Do you take that chance?

If you are someone facing this very issue and you are not dating anyone new just yet and you know you still have some feelings for your ex but wasn’t sure if you should have a relationship with him or not. Can people really change you may wonder. What should you do now?

First, you need to figure out why your ex is back. Did they miss you and realize that you were the one for them? When you don’t speak for weeks or so, it can pull at their heart’s strings, making them realize how important you were in their life. It’s important to spend time apart in the beginning so feelings can get worked out.

Second, you need to figure out if you truly want them back. Sometimes being in love with someone isn’t enough. You may be unable to forget your ex and get past the hurt that they caused. You may be glad to have them in your life again but perhaps being friends is better.

Third, does your ex act any differently? Are they nicer than before? Again, when exes spend time apart, they work on their self-esteem, self-control and looks. Chances are you did the same thing without even realizing it. Maybe you think you should go on a diet and exercise.

Fourth, are you going out to the clubs with your friends? Are members of the opposite sex noticing you? That’s liable to get a person’s attention real quick.

Only once you figure out why your ex has returned can you make a rational decision about getting involved with them again. If your ex really wants you back, you’ll notice the changes they made to make them more desirable. Yes, people can change but it doesn’t always mean it’s for the better. Don't hesitate to forget your ex if you feel that you won't be happier getting them back or have no feelings for them after the split you need to move on with your life. Your decision and future lies in your hands and you know the relationship is not going to work even though he is asking for a second chance.

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