Astrology is unquestionably a healing science. It is a guide to self-discovery and self-attunement to the cosmos. Astrology provides answers to these timeless questions: Who are we? What are we here for? What is our potential? Why am I acting this way? How can I grow to be a more balanced individual?

Few people can dispute the influence of personality and lifestyle on health. Yet, I am surprised that most people miss out on the link with astrology. The premise of Medical Astrology dates back to at least 460 BC, when it was embraced by Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine.

How can the planets play a role in human affairs? First, it has been proven that human beings, animals, plants etc. are biologically attuned to the movements of the Sun, Moon and planets. Secondly, it helps to reflect on this universal law: "As above, so below ", which implies that the microcosm (human beings, plants, minerals etc.) is a reflection of the macrocosm (the planets, Zodiac). This does not in any way diminish the presence of a Creator and Divine Force. However, in order to be in balance, we should try to live in harmony with universal forces. This is the basis of Medical Astrology and Eastern medical models as well: Ayurvedic, Chinese and Tibetan.

From their keen understanding of the Universe, Medical Astrologers were able to establish correlations between the planets, zodiac signs and physical or physiological weaknesses. It has been fascinating for us at Astrological Health® to confirm the validity of this ancient science. Time and time again, my partners, Dr. Doug Margel, D.C. and Jonathan Keyes, B.S. and herbalist, and I have seen the potential in one's birth chart for a personality imbalance manifesting at a physical level according to these correlations. I am happy to report that, using this system, we have also been able to suggest nutritional, lifestyle and stress reduction programs that work.

Although I recommend having our birth chart done to get a true blueprint of our personality, and health challenges, we can attest that often knowing only the trilogy (Sun, Moon and Rising signs), we have often been able to identify and confirm health sensitivities. In fact, I am a strong advocate of supporting our Moon sign since it represents our emotional make up and family heritage. It is a rare situation when a client does not have issues with their emotional balance. At Astrological Health®, we have tested this finding with biofeedback practitioners and it is simply amazing to see how our herbal blends for someone's moon sign can balance that person!

How can our Sun sign be so important as well? It represents our vitality and life force. In Chinese medicine, this is considered the "Chi". For example, as a Sagittarius, I am by nature optimistic, independent and adventurous. However, these qualities are somewhat subdued by the fact that I have Saturn in my first house, the house influencing my identity. So it is particularly effective for me to support my Sagittarius energy. So often, I have met Cancer with stomach issues, Virgo with intestinal dysfunction, Pisces with lymphatic or glandular problems, Leo with heart or eye problems, Gemini and Aquarius complaining that their nerves are shot, Libra complaining of lower back or kidney issues, Capricorn with joint or muscle pain, Scorpio with sexuality issues, and Taurus with difficult metabolism.

To conclude, astrology and in particular Medical Astrology, is a fascinating science that works. In fact, doctors, healers and alternative practitioners are integrating it into their practice to get a more complete picture of their clients' health patterns. Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D. in her September, 2001 Health Wisdom for Women's newsletter invites her readers to have their astrological chart done from a Medical Astrology perspective. Such consultations are offered on For reprints of Dr. Northrup's newsletter, call 800-804-0935.

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