A child’s world is largely incomplete without toys. Children are associated with toys and vice versa. Toys help a child through childhood offering the child company, solace, security, a sense of belonging and curiously, a sense of ownership.

Toys for children up to the age of three are by and large unisex, but once the child crosses the threshold of age three, the toy world seems to undergo a sea change and a majority of toys are designed specifically keeping a boy or girl in mind. As the child’s choice of toys begins to undergo a change it signals a change in the child’s thought pattern and sensibilities too.

Toys for four year old boys and girls are usually educational with some favorite cartoon characters involved in the learning process. Popular toys are Lego, Interactive TV devices, Quiz games, Concentration or Guess games, Puzzles, Play houses with tents and lights etc and a lot more to choose from.

It is universally accepted that girls’ favorite play mate is a doll. There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to owning a life size doll with all the paraphernalia like its crib or its car seat etc. Hot favorites are also a variety of kitchen play appliances that look and work almost like the real thing for example a Microwave or a Cooking unit. Four year old girls typically like to dress up dolls or play Mommy games and there are lots of play choices available. It is rare to find a four year old girl who does not own a Tea Party Set or a Doll House set. Playing pretend to be a fairy princess is every little girl’s fantasy and watching them live these fantasies by dressing up with Tiaras and Glass Slippers is a treat one can die for.

Four year old boys are often seen showing off their walking and talking Dinosaurs, Life size Animal Planet toys. Also popular are Easy Score Basket Ball Structures that are made of durable plastic and can be played indoors too. Then there the fast selling Soccer Goal Structures and Baseball Games available. Well, boys and racing cars are inseparable, not to mention Superman, Batman and Spiderman whom they arduously follow and idolize.
Astronauts and Pilots come alive in the dreams of boys and girls alike and all sorts of gadgets and outfits are available to introduce them to the world of space.

Children and their toys co exist in their own private world it is an absolute treat to observe silently as the child holds his own in his own world, momentarily shutting out everyone and reveling in being King of his own world.

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