I was never a fan of the big purple dinosaur. As a matter of fact, I used to make fun of him.

Then, my grandson Ben was born and I bought Barney’s Great Adventure video.

Over the years Barney has become almost a staple with all of my grandchildren. Ben (now 6) and

Brooks (2 years old) came in from a dinner at the beach and, without saying a word, started taking

toys from the living room up to my bedroom so we could all snuggle together, eat cookies, and

watch Barney. Peyton (also 2) got kind of miffed at me last week when I only had time to take her

to the Santa Monica pier to ride the merry-go-round. She was clear, definite, and specific about

her vision of how the evening was supposed to go: we were going back to my house to see Stella

(my cat), watch Nemo, AND watch Barney while she fell asleep in my bed. I can’t even begin to

tell you how many times I’ve watched Barney over the years, but I CAN tell you it’s a big hit with

the kids.

And through the experience, I’ve found the magic and the wisdom of Barney.

Barney lives in the world of imagination and teaches people to dream BIG and to believe in their

dreams. It’s almost as if he’s taken one of my courses.

“Close your eyes and you will find, there are pictures in your mind. Things that you can see and

feel, all those things are very real. Doesn’t matter where you are, make believe and there you


He teaches people to believe in themselves.

“Imagine. Imagine and you can be anything you choose.”

He teaches people how to manifest and he talks about the power of believing.

“Imagine. Imagine and life becomes a wonderful surprise. Imagine. Imagine and things appear

before your eyes.”

He teaches people the importance of visualizing.

“Even for grownups the real adventures in life start with a dream…The dreams you see most clearly

are likely to come true.”

He teaches people how to be persistent, determined, and remain positive.

“When it looks like all is lost and you’re feeling really sad, it doesn’t do a bit of good to keep

on feeling bad. Just make up your mind that you’re going to see it through and soon I know you’ll

find you can make your dreams come true. When things are going wrong we can make our own good

luck. The only time we ever fail is when we just give up. Don’t be a quitter now. We’ll get

through this somehow if we can only just believe.”

Isn’t this great stuff??? Makes me wonder where Barney was when I was little and could have used

him. Young or more mature, small or tall, Barney has wisdom to share with us all.

We can all just say YES to our dreams and the open, endless possibilities for limitless joy, love,

success, health, wealth, and abundance. We can quiet the voices of lack and limited possibilities

that have held us back with doubts and fears as we open more fully, more completely to our

imagination, to believing that life is a wonderful, exciting adventure.

Letting go of resistance and ideas of limitation, we can say YES to our highest and greatest good.

Say YES to your life, your grandest visions, your deepest dreams! Say YES to spending time each

day visualizing your vivid vision of your best life with all of your senses! Say YES to every

delicious aspect of your life that is guiding you to move forward! Say YES to receiving and YES

to believing that you deserve to have! Say YES to all the wondrous, limitless possibilities and

potentials! Say YES to your support, supply, abundance and money so that it can reach you now!

Say YES to how magnificent you are and YES to living your great, rich life!

YOU deserve it!!!

Author's Bio: 

Debbie Friedman, M.S., C.Ht., is the Manifesting Maven who helps people consciously create the

life they love to live. She is the creator of the popular Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind for

Wealth series.