Over the Labor Day weekend and continuing into this week, the impact of having friends to play with, relax with, and move through life challenges with was so evident to me. Having true friends makes a huge difference in our lives. It affects the way we work, play and move through challenges. We all know that women naturally gravitate to one another and are more apt to have a network and a support system of friends and family. However, friends aren’t only for the female species. As I watched my brother, husband and one of my best friends’ significant other bond, I knew that the friendship many of us as women treasure is available for men. Even if they don’t realize it, their friendships have the same healing qualities for them as it does for women. I couldn’t believe how much fun we all had as friends and family.

With my brothers there has always been this “we are blood” and “you are water” separation with their wives. I could never really understand those labels or how they applied. When you’re truly connected, by blood or water or by the bonds of friendship, everything else goes by the wayside.

The importance of being connected has been well documented. When people are married, in loving relationships or have strong social networks, they excel in every area–health, wealth, happiness and the ability to be resilient when overcoming obstacles.

Over the Labor Day weekend we played, we ate, we laughed, we cried, we separated into groups, we joined together again as group, walked on the beach, and reconnected as one “Family” (kids and all). We had a great time. But, don’t let the thought of the tears scare you. Some of the most healing and wonderful moments were the ones where the loving support of the others helped one of us air and move through some very challenging rough spots. Our friendship (blood and water) allowed us to listen, be supportive and give another perspective or much needed information. This may sound heavy and, you’re right, there were moments of deep emotion. But, the friendship and support of each person for the other moved those painful emotions and moments quickly. It was amazing to watch how each person made a much easier and quicker transition than if we had been alone. We all had a great time together listening, doing nothing and playing together.

Of course, I always laugh because I frequently run a parallel with Oprah (so I know I must be on the right track). Today, after I had started the rough draft of this ezine, I checked my email and there was an article about friendship in Oprah’s newsletter.

Oprahnewsletter@Oprah.com Click here: Five Friends Every Woman Should Have or try Martha Beck’s article Friends don’t let friends do all the work.

To have good friends, be a good friend. I am in great appreciation of my family of friends (blood or water).

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Bonnie was trained as an Educational Psychologist with an M.S. in Education and Ed.S in School Psychology. In her counseling practice she found the number one problem for her clients was stress. Bonnie discovered that reducing the stress response in the body opened the door to release what was keeping her clients stuck. To meet her clients' busy lifestyle needs, Bonnie became an expert on numerous techniques that specifically reduced stress easily and quickly using a variety of techniques, including Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine. Bonnie enables clients to discover their natural gifts and strengths, giving them confidence to move through challenges and find success more easily. Her comprehensive approach has benefited both individuals and organizations, including Charles Schwab, Fiserv, Florida Hospital, and banking institutions.