How Do You Handle Panic and Fear?

You try to focus on Positive Thinking but your mind takes you back to panic and fear. You may have a knot in your stomach. You may have difficulty sleeping. You eat or drink too much...or both. You keep yourself busy with all kinds of activities (and addictions) to avoid the stress and pain.

You tell yourself that you will never achieve the prosperity you crave. You certainly do not feel abundant...ever. And, you are not "being your true self" in such a state of confusion.

Financial Pressures

Even official sources say that our economy is in crisis! It is a difficult situation for many. The cost of everything has gone some cases, way up! The cost of gas for your car is a good example. The cost of housing and food have also increased. Those are essentials of living anywhere. Not quite an abundant environment.

Many jobs have been eliminated or severely cut back. Some workers have to settle for parttime hours...or no hours. All of those financial considerations push you toward panic and away from thinking positively about life. Those fearful circumstances put stress on you and all your relationships, most importantly the one with yourself.

So, what do you do?

ALL the Answers are Within You! It's time to let the creative juices flow.

First, let's clear the air. You can do that in a couple of ways.

1. Be Grateful for what you have. Make a list of all the things you have (or borrow from Mother Earth) that money cannot buy. It will probably be a VERY long list. Start with your own talents and your love for yourself. Then, add your family, friends, associates and anyone else who is there for you in any situation. Add the air you breathe, the green grass, the oceans, lakes, forests, mountains, animals, birds, fish...the list goes on. Think Positively about all the Abundance around you.

2. Another way to clarify your life is to sit quietly with pen and paper. At the top of the paper put the title "What is the Worst Thing that Could Happen?" See how many ideas you can write down.

Now, you might think that would be a scary thing to do. But, actually it helps to unscramble your thoughts. It puts a new perspective on all the mental images that have been swimming around in your brain.

When you are in PANIC MODE, the workings of your mind tend to go around in circles going nowhere. Your mind may take you on a "woe is me" downward spiral that has no end unless YOU end it.

When you Face Your Demons, GENIUS Happens.

Just Listen!

Trust your Inner Guidance System...your Higher Self...which is your connection to that Higher Power that connects us all. (Whatever your name is for that Higher Power, it's OK.) Your Higher Self knows what is best for you. Whatever the situation is that is causing you PANIC, FEAR and STRESS, it is just another lesson to be learned. Your Higher Self will send you Positive Thoughts regarding that lesson, if you will Just Listen.

What is the Lesson?

If you can figure out the lesson, you will be more in alignment with your True Self. Look for clues in the lists you just made. Look for clues outside yourself but, the Answer is Within.

Perhaps you were not really happy with your Job, your Love Relationship, your Living Situation or whatever has been causing your turmoil. Perhaps it just did not Resonate with you. What does that mean?

Your Higher Purpose

You have a "Higher Purpose" for being on this planet. There is some higher reason for you to be living here and now. If you have not figured out what your Higher Purpose is, your Higher Self will from time to time nudge you away from things or situations that DO NOT SERVE YOU. You will be led toward NEW and BETTER things and situations that DO SERVE YOU.

Are You Loving Yourself in Your Current Situation?

Are You Loving Others?

A Brand New Life

Sit down again with pen and paper and think about how your life would be if you had a Magic Wand and you could create a brand new life. Think Positively!

Would your new life be about "stuff" and money?

Would it be about being of Service?

Would it be about Love?

With your talents and abilities, what could you do to HELP others and at the same time provide income for you and your family?

What do you LOVE to do?

Where is your PASSION?

Many motivational speakers have written books about PASSION because it is your Inner Guidance System telling you what it wants to it wants to Express Itself through YOU.


Meditation, with or without pen and paper, is probably the single best tool for you to Find the Answers You Seek.

Truly listening to your Inner Self is the ULTIMATE CONNECTION.

Love speaks in Symbols, Sounds and Single Words...Positive Words.

The mind tells you, "It's too hard, difficult and complicated. Let's just worry some more." The mind is analytical. It is great at work-oriented tasks.

The Heart (or Soul) is Pure Simplicity. It is your Ultimate Guidance System.

Everything is Within You. Everything is Good. Just Listen.

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