Gay men and lesbians seek relationships and commitment that are stable and lasting. Those who find a mate, called ‘significant other’ or ‘life partner,’ desire to continually develop the best relationship that is possible. There are few, if any, counselors in any community who are available to assist these individuals and couples. Their relationships of love, commitment, and partnership are the same as the relationships of heterosexuals; yet, they face problems that society creates for them.
The most significant barrier to happiness is the fact that their committed “until death do us part” is not recognized by the government. Even though they blend their income, expenses, home mortgage, vehicle ownership, and all other aspects of coupleship, they do not receive recognition that would provide state and federal income tax benefits, inheritance benefits, hospital visitations including speaking and making decisions for their loved one, and more.
It is expected that in the 21st century that those rights will be recognized and become lawful in America as well as other countries not ruled by Islam or similar religions. Truly, it is the hope of the gay community/family across America that their basic rights as American citizens will expand to all other rights offered to citizens through the Bill of Rights and laws that recognize their authentic being/identity. The day of freedom had the exercise of those rights cannot come too soon for these citizens and their counterparts all over the world. Gay marriage, often called “same-sex marriage” even though it will actually be “same gender” marriage, is a major issue in America and will be addressed in the remainder of this article.
Marriage must become be a legal right for any two people. One writer has defined the institution of marriage in America as not a religious matter but as a legal matter for the purpose of allowing two people who are married receive a marriage license from the state in which they live is for the singular purpose of allowing them as a couple to receive income tax advantages in both state and federal income tax matters.

I understand that the right to a marriage license is only to allow the couple to receive government rights and opportunities that include more than income tax matters. They include inheritance rights, rights to adopt children, rights to not be discriminated against in such things as hospital visitations to their loved ones, right to carry out their loved one's wishes after death about burial and place in what in included in memorial or other services and celebrations.

Yes, the loss of the basic rights noted in the great American Bill of Rights includes numerous rights that all citizens of America have the right to enjoy. Previously, others groups were not given those rights. They included black individuals and mixed-race married couples.

Those who go to their Bible to condemn gay men and lesbians (actually the Bible never mentions "two women" in a relationship) in ghastly terms, fail to follow hundreds of laws and requirements that their God has supposedly written in their Bible. Their hypocrisy and dreadful hate toward a high percentage of Americans is unchristian and ungodly. I believe that when they get to their idea of Heaven, their God will judge them extremely for their hatred and judging that high percentage of his human Creations in whom He has placed different DNA into every cell of their being and determined that their brains and hearts reach to a person of the same gender to love.

What do those who condemn the idea and right of marriage between 2 men or 2 women, or in fact, any two people in America who deserve all rights named in the Bill of Rights, answer the question regarding same-gender marriage in the same way. They acknowledge that such a privilege and right to same-gender marriage would not affect their own marriage. They do not even say that it would bring the end of all marriage benefits such as tax benefits, and the right to inherit community property, and more. They say that it would interfere or destroy the institution of marriage. I as, since when do institutions marry? Not in the United States of America and apparently not in other countries.

Those who argue that the purpose of marriage, as defined in Genesis of the Bible, is pro-creation, replenishing the earth with children, have already set that belief aside. If they took a poll to document the percentage of marriage have never replenished the earth with children even though most could have had children every time that they had sexual intercourse, they would find that an overwhelming number choose not to procreate. Of course, priests and others are required to be celibate.

Some single people choose celibacy. That matter of procreation is null and void and hypocritical when the apply it as a reason to block two men or two women who are in love "until death do us part" receiving a marriage license and choosing what type of ceremony in which to speak their vows of marriage.

Marriage is not a religious institution as proven by millions of opposite-gender couples across the world. In the age in which we have lived for decades, the churches are not the place where all ceremonies to wed the two people into a marriage. Ceremonies have taken place in judges' chambers, profit making buildings in Nevada, USA, called "chapels" instead of one more place of business in town, and on mountains or near rivers and other scenic places, in city parks, home backyards, and millions of other locations.

Ceremonies do not have to be presided over by a minister or priest of a church in order to be recognized as legally performed. A judge anywhere in America can perform the ceremony. Any person who is the leader of even 5 people whom he or she calls their church members and have a name for their church, can be considered a legal minister and, therefore, perform a marriage ceremony.

The government and churches have no right to make a marriage a membership-only organization that excludes only one segment of the population. As present, marriage as such a membership organization is no different that groups such as: Lions Clubs, Rotary, and others. Marriage as exclusive organization for certain members only (2 people of the same gender) that excludes one particular group of people from the membership is wrong. That excluded group is made of people whom the Creator placed in them genes, as research is beginning to prove, which creates the person that they are including hearts that seek romantic relationships with another person of the same gender. This alone indicates that barring same-gender loving and committed couple from marriage. In America, that means that they have not received their basic rights guaranteed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The ugliness of the Christian and Catholic in the way that they condemn gay men and lesbians for the sexual activities as if God has described all possible inter-body acceptable activities in sexual intercourse in their Bibles. They act as if all heterosexuals have the activities in exactly the same way, the "missionary position." What a joke and hypocrisy! The world is filled with heterosexuals who do everything that they THINK gays and lesbians do plus many other activities. Oral sex seems to be considered totally acceptable among millions of couples whether married or not, whether with church memberships or not. Based on what American and other nationality teenagers are doing in this century, oral sex may even become the norm---especially when the zero-growth population movement hits the world again as I believe it will in the 21st Century.

To those who condemn homosexuals and detest the possibility of same-gender marriage, I ask: Why won't you be honest about your intercourse sexual activities instead of condemn others? Another issue that Christians and Catholics and their leaders are being proven wrong and malicious about is the matter of whom the pedophiles in the world including in their churches are. Were the priests who misused, assaulted and raped children homosexuals? That has never been mentioned at any time. Have relatives and heterosexuals abused, assaulted and raped there own children or the children and adolescents of their community or church memberships? Yes. Has there ever been any proof that homosexuals are or become pedophiles? NO.

Marriages, nations, churches nor the Universe will be tainted nor cease to exist when gay men and lesbians are legally allowed to marry in any country across the world or state in America or if every state and country acknowledges the legality of any marriage of any other country and state. Same-gender marriage must become a right so that all individuals have the right and rite of marriage available to them. Legal and constitutionality coverage of their committed and vowed love and relationship will be a positive part of American life and society.

Author's Bio: 

Ann Patterson, a coach and counselor, has spent her life helping people, a goal that she set for herself during her adolescent years. Both within her professional career and personal life experiences, she has met that goal and continues to do so during her retirement years. With a Masters in Comunnity Counseling degree, she has developed skills and knowledge that assist her in continuing to help people develop positive relationships, both with themselves and other people. Her personal experiences and counseling related to growing up in a dysfunctional home as well as her life long awareness of her personal identity that she could not disclose until age 60 for many reasons, are additional reasons that she can assist individuals in all walks of life live more fully and happy.