Travel is one of the best ways to bring romance into a relationship. No matter how long a couple has been together, getting away from the day-to-day routine is the best way for them to focus on being together. Have you ever noticed when you go to dinner with your partner it's an intimate experience, no matter where it is? That's because the table at which you're sitting is your private island. When you're at home, the whole house is part of the space you share with all the to-do's, the TV, and the kids.

When you travel, that sense of intimacy is carried with you. Wherever you are is your private world, shared by just the two of you. John Gray, in "Honeymoon Magazine" said, "When two people are married, routine sets in, and the greatest danger to lasting romance is routine-it takes the magic out of the relationship. Love is magic." Traveling to a new place is about leaving the routine behind. Every moment is a new adventure.

Routine is not the only killer of romance. Not growing, not changing, not being interested in new things and ideas makes a person become routine. Travel, especially to new places, is about changing, learning, growing, expanding. We become interesting to each other again. Because you're open to the unknown when you travel you're more likely to try things that you might not at home. Like making love on the sand under a romantic moon, dancing all night, wearing that new teddy, flirting over an afternoon glass of wine.

In Light His (or Her) Fire, Ellen Kreidman recommends a couple make a date to go out alone once a week, to take a weekend to go off together at least once every two months, and a week vacation every year. Just the two of you. No children, no friends.

So make arrangements to go somewhere you both consider romantic. Do things together, play, relax, make love. Remember back to when you first fell in love and bring back that magic and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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