I get comments and inquiries about how to successfully look for a job. Most of the people who contact me do not focus on what they want. They are often ANGRY! They’re angry at themselves, the world around them, the economy, etc. It’s as if any place, person or idea is a target for a job seeker’s wrath.

I can’t do much, as a counselor, for anyone who is concentrating their energies on being MAD. I can listen, but not to offer suggestions to get “un-mad”.

From my perspective, it’s as though a job seeker has to get the “mad out” before anything can be seen as a useful tool to get a job. People are ready to leave the “I’m mad” stage when they see that it is not getting them anywhere or getting them what they want Maybe it is because there is no one left to listen to the rant.

Again, my opinion is that a job seeker who is mad at everything has to get the anger under control in order to FOCUS on the job seeking process. I suggest no more than two weeks at being angry, more than that period of time spent being mad indicates to me that private counseling might help.

The job search is HARD! Filling out applications, preparing resumes, going on interviews is no time to feel angry. Being of good cheer and feeling positive works wonders in the job search. Funny thing; pleasant people seem to find jobs faster!

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Certified Career & Job Transition Coach