Part II

In part I, we talked about our situation. It boiled down to this-excess home, no buyers. And to top it off the market is flooded with excess homes. We left off in part one talking about what you need to do. The biggest thing you might find yourself needing is cash flow. Now you may get into a negative cash flow if we put tenants in. This will occur if the rents will not support the current debt.

Have you gotten desperate? Are you thinking of toying with doing some gimmicks, like saying no mortgage until April or June if you buy now, or three thousand dollars worth of free furniture if buy now or something like that? Is that kind of thinking truly advisable?
Of course! Not only is it advisable, but also I teach this practice!

Before you start with any gimmicks of any additional practices, you need to take a long hard look at what you are doing. Is there a mistake you could be making?

Think about how many leads you are getting per week on those six homes. Is it reflective of what is should be? This could be your problem. If you are only getting a handful of leads per week, then this definitely could be your problem. What you need to do is evaluate your processes. How are you handling your calls? What do your marketing materials look like? One of those two could make a mess of your system. Have you asked yourself these questions? It may be hard to take a look at your own system and be critical, but sometimes that is just what is needed. Maybe you need to crank up that selling machine and refocus your prospects. You might be focusing on the wrong kind of prospect.

Think about it. People always want to buy a home in any market, in any economy. And when you can make it easy for them to buy those homes (with seller financing) what you might want to do is advertise a really, really low interest rate but then go put a one or two or three year balloon in it and the interest rate is irrelevant. Is this enough? Will this make your problems disappear? In part three we are going to take this to the next level. We will find out is this is the end all-be all solution to your excess home problem.

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