A good way to tap into your unspoken wants is to pretend you have them right now. The first thing you must do, however, is to accept you are indeed worthy to have these wants, right now. There is no more waiting, or price you must pay, to begin living your life. It’s time to move past the litany of “shoulds” that stand in front of you and keep you from being who you are. You are worthy, and you are enough. Believe this and feel this.

Think back to when you were a young child eagerly waiting for your birthday to arrive. Try to remember what it felt like to wish for a new bike or a special toy, or just a special day with your family. Do you remember what your secrets wants were then?

Next, think back to your high school graduation. Your whole life is in front of you. There is great promise of new opportunities, new friendships, and a rewarding and successful life. Do you remember what your secrets wants were then?

Finally, put yourself in the here and now, but try to recall the moment when you were a child excited about your birthday or a high school senior ready to take on the world. Remember what those feelings felt like and begin feeling them right now.

Allow yourself to move past your “shoulds.” What do you want to do –reestablish a relationship with a loved one you have neglected for too long, buy a house, complete college? Tap into the feelings you once had and pull up from the deepest part of you soul and your heart’s true desire. Feel this desire now.

Push through your doubt and shoulds and breakthrough to the life you have always wanted, but have dared to discover. This is your time, right now. It’s time to identify what you do want, begin feeling and living these dreams and hopes for yourself. Believe that you are indeed worthy and more than enough.

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