If you're stuck in a rut, it’s easy to feel as though mastering your iPhone was your last big life accomplishment.

Here are four fun suggestions to help pry yourself away from all your funky features gadgets, gizmos and whirligigs and back out into the land of really living.

Moving Grooves
Pick the soundtrack that’d be playing in the background of your future life - a life you flat-out LOVE. Kicking metal, hopping rock, operatic arias, or a mix of personal favorites: whatever floats your boat. Then slap on your headphones and groove out. As long the music moves you – inside and out – you’re good to go. Dance like no-one’s watching; Sing like no-one’s listening…

With A Little Help From Your Friends
Take a gander at your network of wise, wonderful and loving-their-life friends to see what kinds of creative high jinx they’re up to. While you're at it, write them a lavish ‘I appreciate you’ e-mail (or BLOG post), praising and thanking them for myriad ways they add value to your life. Few things’ll flip your switch faster than taking stock of all you have, and sharing the wealth while you do turns up the feel-good factor to va va va vroom.

Spark Your Plugs
It’s remarkably easy to let the headlines convince you life’s all doom and gloom. But there's some remarkable, mind-blowing real-life stuff going on out there: courageous generosity, breakthroughs and collaborations, peacemaking and baby-saving, not to mention comebacks and triumphs galore (like Professor Randy Pausch’s story). Poke around. Look for some great news, news that lifts your spirits and expands your thinking. You’ll find there’s lots to choose from, and all of it’ll put some spark in your plugs, guaranteed.

Hike Up Your Happy Hormones
We're not built to sit in front of monitors – or on iPhones - for hours on end. Get on out and take life in. Natures own happy hormones kick in for you the moment you do, and that – dear friends – is something to be supremely thankful for. Go laugh with the kids playing in the street. Hang out for five with the guy in the office with a rubber face like Jim Carrey. Take a walk and take in the sky. Soak up the rapture of the woman serenading subway travelers with her violin.

Laugh. Play. Be taken away. Whatever it takes.

Let the spirit move you.

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Lissa Bergin-Boles and Randy Boles – otherwise known as The SoulFullFilled Living Coaches - are master life coaches, innovative teachers and inspirational speakers on living life SoulFullFilled. To learn more please visit http://www.soulfullfilled.com.