At some point in your life – you may find yourself STUCK IN A RUT. Waking up one day and realising your potential is not being appreciated or utilised to it’s fullest. Going two steps forward and 10 steps back always moving but not really going anywhere.

So what’s GOING ON? Why aren’t you all that you can be? Why are you in that RUT?

I’m afraid it’s because you have SELF IMAGE-Itis that’s right SELF IMAGE-Itis which is perhaps the world’s most prevalent disease, which affects just about everyone – even those successful people. Over a period of time your Self Image has been under attack and when it is, it affects your performance at work, in business, in sports, at school, with weight or health issues, in relationships and more – CAN it be FIXED – ABSOLUTELY!

Your RUT has nothing to do with your character but more about your barriers or limitations. If any of the following statements ring true for you, then, my friend we have some work to do.

• Maybe I don’t want to change
• I like my comfort zone
• I must have conflicts about moving forward
• I hate being in a rut
• I don’t have what it takes to get out of this rut
• I don’t believe I can succeed so why try

As a SELF IMAGE SPECIALIST I use Emotional Freedom Technique to help people overcome their barriers. So successful is this technique that I can say that RESULTS are GUARANTEED or your money back.

Recently I ran a workshop for a group of sales people who over a period of 6 months were unable to meet individual or business financial targets. The manager put it down to lack of team work, lack of communication skills and the list went on an on. Working with the team individually a common theme appeared, where they all felt like they were stuck in a rut, they continued to do the same thing expecting different results and as a result gained a belief that they wouldn’t be able to succeed any further than what they have done so why try, they enjoyed their comfort zone and didn’t really want to change. Over the next 5 weeks the manager reported that sales were through the roof, the team was working great together and their had been an overall improvement with everyone’s attitudes to what they wanted out of their business life.

CAN being Stuck in a Rut be FIXED – ABSO – freakin - LUTELY!

Gillian Tarawhiti

Author's Bio: 

Author Bio: Gillian Tarawhiti - SELF IMAGE SPECIALIST: Bsc, Dip BM, Dip Ed, CEO of Gain Back Your Life Centre, A Certified EFT Practitioner, Member of AAMET.

What is a self image specialist? To put it plainly I help individuals, companies and organisations to help them overcome their 'Self Image-itis' which just about everyone has. I help people identify what their limitations/barriers are that affect their performance at work, in business, in sports, at school, weight issues, in relationships and more then help them GET RID OF IT. RESULTS GUARANTEED or your MONEY BACK