Getting Unstuck

You will never get unstuck by focusing on how stuck you feel. When you are overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings of being stuck, your creative energies shut down and taking action can feel impossible. Focusing on how stuck you feel will create more situations that make you feel stuck. Stuck can go from bad to worse quickly.

There is hope. There is a tool that you have available to you right now. It is the key for shifting your focus and redirecting your feelings. It is one of the most valuable tools you have access to that can free you and move you forward. The tool is GRATITUDE. Making use of this tool can release your thoughts, elevate your feelings and get you unstuck.

As Einstein said, “you cannot solve the problem at the level of the problem.” So focusing on being stuck will never free you. But when you are willing to direct some energy, even a little bit of energy, towards that which you are grateful for, you will take your focus off the problem, and open the doors to the creative flow. Gratitude keeps you in the flow of life, the flow of creativity.

Begin small, if that is all you can do as a first step. Right where you are, look around and list a few things you are grateful for. Read over the items slowly, fully experience the feeling of gratitude. Allow this energy to flow through you, opening your heart, softening your mind. You know that you cannot be in anxiety, worry or fear when you are in gratitude. That is why this tool is so powerful. Gratitude opens your mind and your heart. You cannot be grateful and judge at the same time. You may have to take baby steps for a few days until you begin to feel the energy of being stuck moving..

When you are ready you can take the next step. Write a letter of gratitude. Your letter can be written to the Universe, God, Spirit, even yourself, in your personal journal. You may want to think of a situation that you are really not happy about and feeling stuck in. Think of yourself on the other side of this problem, living in the solution. Begin to write how grateful you are about the outcome you are experiencing. Engage your senses. What do you see? Who is in the picture? What are you doing? How are you feeling? What are you experiencing? Really get into the letter as much as possible. You are also engaging your imagination, creating a visual, opening to the creative flow.

Read this letter at least once a day. Schedule time to sit and read your letter, then close your eyes and allow yourself to see and feel the vision your letter creates. Pay attention to how " in the flow" you feel. Feel the energy of life begin to move through you. You may need a few days, or perhaps weeks to go through this process depending on how stuck you felt. Be patient with yourself. I assure you, using the tool of gratitude will move you from stuck to flowing.

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Sharon Marquart is a Certified Life and Spiritual Coach, Public Speaker, Teacher and Published Author. Her coaching practice is, Living at Yes, (You Embracing Spirit). She inspires and motivates others to embrace the Spirit of life, to Know their Presence, to Feel their Power and to Live their Passions. Sharon is committed to motivate and inspire others to live their best life. Sharon has written “Living With Soulful Purpose, “ “9 Steps to a Happier Healthier You,” and “4 Principles for Living Abundantly.” She can be reached at or e-mail Sharon