In this time of economic uncertainty you may be looking for a new way to make some money and there is one area of the economy which isn’t lacking in job positions is teaching, getting your teacher certification isn’t hard and actually can help you get a job while you wait out this economic crisis. The idea that teaching isn’t easy may push away potential teachers but it is one of the most rewarding professions out there and all you have to do is get your teacher certification in order to substitute. One of the best things about teaching is the way it makes you feel after you realize that you are making a difference in someone’s life, especially a child. Teaching children at some point can take over your mind, when you teach you are almost in a different realm, this is because when you are teaching your life revolves around it, almost everything you do or see can be used as a teaching plan, or an idea to talk about with the students you teach. Almost every experience you have during the normal day turns out to be something to reflect upon and to use to teach with.

When people are getting their teacher certification they often wonder and worry if they will have a student who will act up when they are trying to teach, every teacher has that nightmare and as real as it may seem, it rarely ever happens. Most teachers whether they are substitute or full time teachers truly like their students and want to help them excel in every aspect of life. Although students do act up from time to time, it is still very very hard for a teacher to dislike a student which is a blessing in some ways because it will help teachers treat each student the same.

When you get your teacher’s certification you can teach or substitute at any age whether it is kindergarten through high school. Being able to teach at any age is huge benefit when you are trying to apply for a job, it is such a benefit especially if you are willing to travel because as the population increases there will be more and more children needing to be taught which increases the demand for teachers. Also, when you are willing to travel around to teach you may be able to get into a subject, which you are interested in whether you want to teach art, math, or another subject. Being willing to travel just a few minutes away from where you would like to teach may help you get to teach in the discipline of your choice.

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