If you’ve been on multiple job interviews then you know that you might encounter a different environment depending on the company you interview with. This is pretty common because every company has its own culture. And more importantly, each company – and even department – instills its own interviewing strategy.

Sometimes you know what type of interview you’re going to walk into and sometimes you don’t. So to be prepared for anything, let’s take a brief look at varying interview types.

The Screening Interview

Often times, when you apply for a job, the company will look over your resume and cover letter as a sort of filtering process to determine whether you’re generally qualified for the job. However, on occasion, a company might go one step further by conducting what is known as a screening interview. In this interview – which might be conducted in person or over the phone – a representative will ask you some questions to determine your interest in the job and basic qualifications.

Structured Interview

Another interview type that you might be prepared for – and that is quite common – is the structured interview. In this type of interview, the interviewer will ask specific, predetermined questions meant to explore experience, skills and personality traits. The goal of this type of interview is to find the ideal candidate. Very often, this interview is the determining factor in whether you will be hired for a position.

Stress Interview

This type of interview style is rarer than others because it is a bit unorthodox. During this interview, the interviewer will try to intentionally upset you to see how you might react under pressure. You might be asked questions designed to make you feel uncomfortable. Or the interviewer may interrupt you while you’re speaking.

Group Interview

The group interview is pretty much just what you think it is. It is a number of representatives from the company opting to interview you at the same time. Often times, each member of the group is designated a style of questions to ask (ex. stress). However, other times, the interviewers may be allowed to start a sort of “free for all” as long as they don’t step on the toes of other interviewers.

Multiple Interviews

If you have been moving up the corporate ladder over the past few years then you may have noticed that you first started with structured interviews only. However, as you’re moving higher up the chain, you may be participating in multiple interviews.

Multiple interviews are usually a combination of several types of interviews you’re already familiar with. For instance, you may first undergo a screening interview so they can determine whether you’re qualified to move on to the next step. Then you may attend a group interview where multiple representatives will have an opportunity to determine your qualifications. Finally, you might go to an informal interview – possibly at a lunch – where you meet with one or more interviewers to talk casually about the job.

There are other interview types out there to consider, including targeted and situational. By knowing what’s out there, you can more easily prepare for any interviewing scenario you find yourself in.

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