This very instant a new life is being born into the world. With that life comes the gift of Pure Potential. The same potential that transforms a tiny acorn seed into a giant oak tree. What Einstein referred to as the only "True Reality.”

Just what is Pure Potential and how can you start living your Pure Potential on a daily basis?

In the movie “The Lion King” Mufasa says to his young son “you are much more than you have become.” Regardless of what you have been told in your past, I believe that you are a being of infinite genius, creativity and magnificence. When you can embrace this and accept it you begin your journey to Living your Pure Potential.

In the seminars and programs I present across the country I refer to your Pure Potential as the 4 Quadrants of Human Potential. The 4 Quadrants are as follows: The Quadrant of the Mind, The Quadrant of the Heart, the Quadrant of the Soul and the Quadrant of the Body.

In the Quadrant of the Mind we discover our power to choose our thoughts and how those thoughts permeate and penetrate into our physical existence. We learn to tame our busy mind, transcend the limitations of our ego and tap into states of deep peace and super creativity known as the Delta Brainwave state. A state of consciousness experienced by only a small percentage of the most skilled meditators on the planet.

In the Quadrant of the Heart we discover not only the perfection of an organ that provides the circulation for our physical existence, but also the center of our connectedness to the world. When we operate from the Quadrant of the heart we radiate fullness, wholeness and centeredness. We become those that other people love to be in the presence of.

In the Quadrant of the Body we appreciate our body as the temple of our soul. We operate in a manner where success is defined not by what we take, but by what we leave behind. We create a legacy from the self that is more than the self. We prosper but also prosper others in everything that we do.

In the Quadrant of the Soul we discover that we are not alone on our journey. Although we have each come to this existence to accomplish a special purpose, our purpose connects us to others. We learn to tap into the creative intelligence of all that is, and we live in a state of peace and calm knowing that even this is part of our journey and our growth.

As we wake up each morning we begin with the question “What choices must I make today to experience the fullness of my potential in each of the 4 quadrants?” As we ask this question we then drill deeper into each quadrant and create specific actions for living our Pure Potential. For example – today I will meditate, exercise, connect at a human level with 3 of my clients, share my blessings with at least one person and attend my child’s piano recital.

The 4 Quadrants become our gateway to living a full and whole life. We not only become aware of our potential on a multi dimensional basis but we begin to live as a multi dimensional being. This new awareness and desire to experience the fullness of our potential leads us to ask important questions about our life.

The quality of the questions we ask in, each quadrant, becomes the light for our daily actions. The quality of our actions gives birth to our Pure Potential in the physical world.

It is never too late to be, do and have what you desire. Accept that you are worthy, that you are deserving and that you are magnificent. Start living your Pure Potential today!

Author's Bio: 

Paul Ghezzi began his career as a Chartered Accountant and financial coach to successful professionals and entrepreneurs. Leaving the corporate world to pursue his passion, he has devoted his life to the study of Spiritual and Physical Harmony in all areas of life.

He is the co-author of the bestselling book Abundance with Ease - 7 Principles for Experiencing AWE in every Area of your Life. He is also the creator of the Awaken Your Inner Genius Meditation CD™ and the groundbreaking Crack the Prosperity Code Program™. In 2005 Paul created and launched the Pure Potential Movie, which has been viewed over 50,000 times around the world.

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