Near my residence , there stands a small hillock . There are two paths which
lead to the top of the hillock. One path has big visible gradient while the
other one stretches along , has trees on both sides , and has an almost
invisible gradient . A winding path so to say . The first path is smaller in
length , naturally . It is stark naked devoid of any foliage along the way .
Businesslike entity . The other path , as I said , has trees on both sides ,
has lots of shade , even has some drinking water available .Which path do
you think will be easier climb ?


Not the small gradient , one . Most people come up with the logical ,
intellectual , physics based answer , that the long winding path will be
easier climb . But when I take them on actual trip , they realize that the
reality is otherwise .


The answer is very interesting and brings out the difference between
holistic thinking , or holistic being and intellectual or linearly logical
thinking .

When we see a big gradient , we prepare ourselves to face it or leave it .
This happens on the conscious as well as the subconscious level In the first
place we SEE it . We see it in all its glory . There are no surprises , no
hidden costs . All that is there is there on display - take it or leave it .
Then we so to say gear up to face the situation . Our adrenaline flows ,
small aches vanish , our blood goes where it is necessary . Our focus
sharpens . We are ready to take up the challenge. And we go for it . Hence
though the visible slope looks daunting , we are through with it with
comparatively less effort on our side .

When the gradient is invisible , or imperceptible , we do not gear up . We
are caught unawares . The increased resistance slowly drains our energy ,
our speed , our motivation ,and the path seems to be never ending . Our
drive reduces , and as we are not aware of the slope , we look elsewhere for
the reasons . In the final analysis , this is quite a difficult situation to
cope with .

Can we take up the basic principle of this exercise , and apply it to our
day to day life ?

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