I have noticed that whenever I'm making decision I am 'rewarded' or given some tangible indication that the Universe is supporting me. A couple of years ago I was contemplating moving. Mind you this decision did not come easily. I knew it was necessary for me to move for financial and health reasons, although I hadn't quite figured out how it was going to come together. I had been looking off and on for months prior to finding the perfect place for me.

So briefly here's what happened. I found an ad in the newspaper, filled out an application, learned that I was accepted, hired a moving company, and moved within 2 weeks of starting the whole process. The timing had to be just perfect for all of these events to take place.

So I looked over my ‘new’ place of residence one last time on a Friday and the place was clean and bare with nothing extraneous to be found.

I moved the following day as scheduled. With the movers about ready to take off with my belongings I did a last walk through at my ‘former’ residence and nothing was left over.

As I walked into my new place on Saturday I noticed 'a penny' lying in the middle of the sink top bowl separator. That penny was not there when I visited on Friday!

With the move complete I awakened the next day and returned to my former place of residence and began cleaning for the last time. In the living room there was 'a shiny new penny' lying on the floor 2 feet in front of the fireplace hearth. That penny was not there on Saturday!
On Monday I received a phone call from an Employee Assistance Provider company that wanted me to give them a proposal for health and wellness coaching for their current contracted employees, (1o,ooo) at the moment. Potentially lots of pennies here!
So I share these events with you for you to look back and see what signals the Universe has given you. Were you hesitant of changing jobs, only to find that your new position is far exceeding your expectations? Were you thinking of walking away from an individual or a situation only to find that when you did it was the best thing that you could have ever done for yourself?

As you look back at previous situations what validations or gifts were you given by the Universe? Typically these 'symbolic gifts' repeat themselves over and over. So I ask, what are your symbolic gifts? and how many 'pennies' have you found lately?

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Mary Kraemer RN offers a holistic intuitive approach to health, wellness, and abundance. She is an author, speaker, coach & medical intuitive specializing in the mind-body connection for healing, stress/pain management, self-empowerment strategies and the Law of Attraction. http://www.healthwellnessandyou.com