Do you KNOW why you get out of bed every morning, eager to start a new day. Do you have a burning desire to achieve something that keeps you going against all odds until you eventually succeed. If you answered no to either of these questions, you need to find your Major Definite Purpose!

What do you mean by major definite purpose?

Your major definite purpose is the most important thing you are working on in your life at this moment. It isn’t necessarily the same as your life goals, although it can be. Your major definite purpose can be the next major objective on your way to your life purpose.

Your major definite purpose is linked to your short and medium term goals. They should all be moving you in the direction of your major definite purpose and it should represent the crowning achievement of those goals.

Your major definite purpose can be in any area of achievement, often it will be related to your work – e.g. starting a new business, although it can be related to your family – raising your kids to be successful individuals, your health – loosing weight, working for the community and so on.

What is important is that you should be able to clearly identify when you have achieved your major definite purpose, and it should be of such significance to you that you will pursue it through thick and thin.

Finding your major definite purpose

The majority of people find their major definite purpose by considering their talents and abilities, what’s important to them and what they love doing. When you find something that simultaneously satisfies all these areas, you are going to be truly motivated to pursue it!

You should ask yourself these questions:

What is important to me in my life?

It is very important that you are completely honest at this point. It may be tempting to give the ‘socially acceptable’ answers, for example you may put your family as your main priority, but if it’s not, that is the wrong answer for you.

Think about the things you really enjoy doing – where do you get the greatest buzz? When do you feel the most motivated. Behind these things is a feeling and that feeling is almost always related to something that’s important to you.

What am I good at? What are my talents and abilities?

I find this question the most difficult of all to answer! You have to be brutally honest with yourself here. It’s no good thinking you’re good at something when you’re not. We all have our unique mix of talents and abilities that we can excel at.

It’s often best to get other people to help you here. Watch how other people react to you, if they are someone you can trust, ask them for an open and honest discussion. You’ll get some surprising answers!

What sort of work or activity gives you your greatest feeling of satisfaction?

Here you’re looking for what you really love doing. Go on, have fun!

Now it’s time to inject some excitement

Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s time to dream big. Ask yourself

What would I do if I had a million dollars?
What would I do if was absolutely certain that I could not fail?
What would I do if I only had six months left to live?

You want to understand what you really want to do with your life. These questions will help you focus on your most exciting dreams and ambitions.

Once you’ve written down answers to all the questions, take some time to look at your answers. What do they tell you? Quickly write down three things that you think could be your major definite purpose. Look at these three things – one of them will feel right to you.

Now you have it! Your major definite purpose should be there in front of you. Write it down in a clear, objective statement that allows to you to know when you have achieved it. To do this it should be quantifiable as far as possible.

Your major definite purpose is the most important single thing that you are working on in your life at this moment. It will be something that may take you many years to achieve, that you can clearly describe and understand and that compels you to pursue your dreams no matter what happens.

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