Excerpts from The Sedona Method: Special Preview Teleseminar

David Ellzey, professional life and business coach, hosted a recent teleseminar for Joy and Success International in which he shared some of the secrets of the Sedona Method. The Sedona Method has been used by over 1/3 of the teachers featured in the best selling movie, The Secret, and has had a timeless effect on those that have embraced its principles and put them into daily practice.


One of the main principles that the Sedona Method deals with is the acknowledgement of the pain and frustration that is created by the things we desire in this world. In effect, Sedona encourages you to welcome the negative feelings like sadness and anger that will occasionally bubble in your subconscious as natural rather than unnatural. It’s okay to feel sad and it’s okay to be angry. In essence, it’s okay to feel – anything.

Ellzey says that emotions are a natural part of our existence. They go up and down like the waves of the ocean and rather than push against them, we should travel deeper into what lies beneath. What is under the constant frenzy of the waves is a stillness and calmness that is more peaceful and pleasant to our souls. Unfortunately, most of us live within the waves on the surface of the ocean in a constant fight against their awesome energy.

By acknowledging that having both pleasant and unpleasant emotions is part of who we are, and then by welcoming them and letting them into a calmer place, we can achieve harmony. It is at this moment, when you let go of the emotional content that is victimizing you that you will have the power to move forward and change or simply just let it be.

So what is the Sedona difference? The Sedona Method is about uncovering the natural compassion and beauty of our souls and less about new thinking. It focuses on how to unlock the elements that control our emotions and finding ways to move past them. In doing so we have the power to make a mental shift in how we define our place in this world.


Every emotion is triggered by three fundamental “wants.” The Sedona Method says that by finding the trigger that is driving that emotion, you can unhook its power over you. The three triggers are as follows:

WANTING SECURITY: This is your animal instinct otherwise known as your survival instinct in action. As such, we live with this constant sense of fear, wanting to live safely and wanting to live securely without really knowing that we are acting on this fear to our own detriment.

WANTING CONTROL: This is our need to control certain aspects of our life including the people around us. We live with the notion that if others would just be like us or think like us, then we will be happy. However, this causes our greatest pain because the universe doesn’t function in this manner.

WANTING APPROVAL. This is our simple yet all powerful desire to be loved. We live with the notion that if we gain approval then we will be safe. This manifests itself in various ways such as controlling how we look, the way we talk, how we act and ultimately how we feel.


In light of learning about the three wants, we can reflect on what it would be like to be free of the hold they have over us. What if you were secure with your own decisions and didn’t need anyone or anything to validate those choices? What if you could operate independently without fear of loss? What if you were completely secure with where you are in life right here, right now and where you wanted to be in the future?

The key to making this mental shift happens in the moment you make the realization that it exists.

DISCOVER THE FEELING: What is it that is bothering you?
ADMIT THE WANT. Which “wants” are triggering this feeling?
LET IT GO: Consider letting the want go and being free of the wanting in this moment, right here, right now.

As you go through this process notice what its like to let the want go just for this one second, and then the next second, and then the next. Consider being in this moment free of this wanting just now, and now and then now. Take one moment at a time. Do you find yourself feeling more peaceful?

This change can only happen in the present. As Ellzey says, “the past is memory. The future is a projected occurrence and the present is the feeling you are having now. That is why you have the power to change it.” How does it feel to know that you can change the future, by simply altering how you feel about it in this very moment?


While the Sedona Method is far from simple in practice, it is a good lesson in control. You are your own master and you are completely in command of who you are now and who you want to be tomorrow. Ellzey says “Recognize the miracle of what is keeping you alive… Love yourself by not judging yourself…Don’t suppress the negative…and consciously uncover your true nature.”

Our greatest natural asset is our emotions. If we let go of pushing against them and just welcome them in, then we give them the opportunity to resolve themselves. It is when we release the emotional shackles that cloud our thought, that we can find true clarity. Remember - it’s okay to feel – anything!

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