Would you like to lead a life that is complete and fulfilling? Do you want to live the rest of your life with few regrets, knowing you are doing the best you can to make something of your life? You can get a good idea of how to accomplish these goals by incorporating the goals I have set for myself. I will now discuss these goals.

Travel the world. Great attractions and beautiful sights can be found around the world; furthermore, you can learn different cultures by visiting various countries. A place I definitely must visit someday is the Egyptian pyramids.

Maintain peace of mind. I do this by apologizing to others for something I have done to them, not hating or holding grudges against anyone and not getting mad over little things.

Stay healthy and fit. You can do this by taking a brisk walk that lasts at least thirty minutes every day and eating a diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, cheese, milk and fish.

Write thousands of articles. I intend to eventually make a lot of money and educate thousands around the world writing articles that discuss something I know.

Find a good job. You should look for a job that pays well, matches skills you have developed and provides an atmosphere where management treats employees well.

Watch all the good movies. My intent is to see each good movie I miss at the theaters on a tape.

Reach your full potential. Do not settle for living a life that falls short of you not doing the best you can at everything you engage in.

Always stay out of trouble. Obey all the laws and rules everywhere you go, think before you do or say anything and read the news to learn others’ mistakes. Never being locked up is a big measure concerning whether you are doing something with your life.

Save millions. If you have to, make financial sacrifices so you can save at least ten percent of what you earn for a few decades to have a shot at retiring with enough money to live comfortably and take all the expensive vacations you desire.

Become an organ donor and charity donor. I have signed the back of my state ID indicating my desire to donate an organ upon my death and I want to donate money to food banks and charities that help the poor.

Follow these goals and ideas to live the ultimate life!

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Todd Hicks owns Skill Development Institute, an enterprise that provides a keyboard typing lesson and academic study guide. To become a great typist or student, visit Skill Development Institute. sdinst.blogspot.com