Is your own mind secretly keeping you from the good life?

              Are You Mentally Retarded, But Don't Know It?

  When I mention the phrase, "mentally retarded", we think of an unfortunate few. But please don't misunderstand me, I don't mean the unfortunate few, that by heredity, accident, illness, misfortune, or birth defect, are certified clinically mentally retarded.

  Oh no, the group I'm referring to is the remaining mass public; common average people, whose mental growth is stagnant.

                     A Growing Problem You Can't Ignore

  Here's the problem: nearly all of us only use only a small percentage of our mind power; usually only 3%-10%.

  The shocking reality and trouble is, we're stuck at that percentage, year after year, after year. No mental growth. Stagnant. Our mental growth is retarded. And the tragedy is, you probably don't know it. Mentally retarded, but don't know it. A personal embarrassing shame.

  I know, we all like to think we're just as smart as the next person, but the truth is, some of us are more mentally ignorant. Woefully lacking in personal mind power. Some of us don't know our subconscious mind from a hole in the ground.

                         Schools Don't Teach You This

  Schools, Universities, and Governments don't teach us how to use our mind; to think and grow. It's left up to each person to self improve, and mentally develop themselves.

                  U.S. Government Declares Mental Crisis

  Here's a startling fact: The U.S. Government Surgeon General's recent report stated: "Society no longer can afford to view mental health as separate from general health". He goes on to say: "To a great extent, we're dumping our mental health problems on the streets of America".

  He adds: "Few Americans are untouched by mental illness, whether it occurs within one's family or among neighbors, co-workers or members of the community.

  In fact, in any one year, one in five Americans-including children, adolescents, adults and the elderly- experience a mental disorder". That's 20% of the U.S. population!!

  These are serious clinical disorders; not to mention the other mass uneducated millions who are only using a small fraction of their mind power (3%-10%). Stumbling along each day, mentally frustrated, until a clinical disorder occurs.

  We can't deny it. The daily newspaper headlines are filled with bizarre twisted tales, covering all ages, pre-teens to adults. Someone lost their mind.

  Also, my investigations document the trouble to be deeply rooted in a wide-spread profound lack of personal mental education.

                           Are You Wasting Your Mind?

  Let's face it, people simply just don't know how to skillfully use their minds to obtain maximum positive results. Noticeable results that make a marked difference in their lives. So, their marvelous powerful mental gift just sits there, nearly unused; wasted. We all like to think we're growing; but in reality, could our mental growth actually be retarded?

  Just think of it, you may be growing physically, but if you're stuck at a 3%-10% mind power use, year after year, then you're mentally retarded. No mental growth; stagnant. A terrible waste.

  Properly instructed, your mind can be a wonderfully powerful tool, bringing seemingly endless peace, joy, and personal satisfaction. Untrained, it's only a stagnant mass of untapped potential; which can easily bring daily sorrow, and confusion. Which one is yours? Can you use a little help?

  Are You Suffering From Any Of These Stagnant Mind Symptoms?

#1). The good life strangely seem to be purposely evading you.
#2). Your mind sometimes seem to have a mind of its own.
#3). Peace and joy, if they appear, quickly come and go.
#4). Inner working of your mind seem like a dark ancient mystery. 
#5). Your memory works haphazardly.
#6). Your nightly dreams run wild, out of control.
#7). You listen to your mind, but with a grain of doubt.
#8). Your subconscious mind is like a strange foreigner.
#9). You can't see how your thoughts affect your circumstances.
#10).Your thoughts disobey you, and refuse to do your will.
#11).Your imagination darts about, out of control, like a energetic puppy.
#12).When you really need it, your mind locks up.

        Are You Plagued By Any Of These Painful Side-Effects?

#1). Poor decision making, even when your odds are 50/50.
#2). Bad happenings always break your string of successes.
#3). You sometime have a feeling of pending doom.
#4). Fresh ideas and creativity are nearly non-existent.
#5). Last minute "monkey-wrenches" always wreck your plans.
#6). You think you don't need mental help.
#7). Sometime you feel there's a curse on you.
#8). You feel like you're out of rhythm with life.
#9). You have prolonged patterns of wasting your time.
#10). Life seems like a complex puzzle you'll never figure out.

  Oh boy, can I identify with those painful side-effects! I was once there. Peace and joy nowhere to be found. You see, many years ago, I was only using a small fraction of my mind power.

  I always wondered if knowing more about how my mind worked, would help improve my life. I can still hear the negative old folksy advice, "you'll go crazy if you learn too much about the mind". "It's not safe to go too deep".

  And you know, that advice kept most people from learning deeply. And since they feared knowledge of their own mind, a common wide-spread low mental education/power use, was established as the norm. Can you see that? A nation of mentally deprived people.

  Where do you stand? How much mind power are you using? How's your thought life? Are you enjoying peace of mind? Or, are you mentally retarded, but don't know it?

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