Breast cancer is a devastating experience for every woman who had gone through it.

Breast cancer can live deep scares externally and emotionally, especially if a woman lost a breast to mastectomy.

It was during my breast cancer that I learned the power of gratitude on my speedy healing.

All of life is a gift. Every person, moment and thing is a gift – unfortunately, we do not appreciate it and take it for granted and we refuse to open the gifts.

Why is that? Because we do not get the gift sent to us, we consider it as an act of given from the universe. All things come to those who are grateful. There is great truth to that and here is why it works so well. By law of cause and effect, your gratitude attracts that which you are grateful for. Therefore, you should be grateful even before you receive it because, by law, you know you will receive it. In fact, you have it even before you ask. Gratitude speeds that reception because it is a statement of belief. You are already enthusiastically and genuinely grateful, in a state of gratitude, because of what you will receive, or more accurately, have received and are about to experience. Note, the gratitude is there before you even `receive' what you are seeking. In reality, you have it all already; you just are not experiencing it yet.

Therefore, gratitude is the first step to receiving and experiencing. It is an affirmation that you know you will have it. Imagine being grateful and excited about a future event – do you have any idea how much faith that portrays and how closer that takes you to your speedy recovery from your breast cancer?
It is magical! Gratitude creates and grows your faith.

What you are grateful for reveals its gifts and serves you. Be grateful for everything, because everything helps you discover an aspect of yourself.

The trick is to learn to be grateful for everything that you have already, to love the present moment, and to prefer nothing but the present moment. When you live in the present moment, everything is fine. You live in a state of calmness and in a position most suitable for finding, the gifts contained in the present moment so that you can rapidly grow in the direction that you wish to move.

Gratitude for all things in the past, present, and future works wonders.

With much gratitude and love for reading this article.

Lea Yekutiel

Author's Bio: 

Lea Yekutiel turned her life around 180 degrees by changing her belief system and her attitude. This effort has involved 20 years of studying metaphysics and spirituality to learn what she now practices and teaches every day.

After healing from breast cancer, Lea considers her mastectomy experience to be a gift from God. Today, she helps cancer survivors in Southern California and beyond on their journeys towards recovery, peace, and happiness.

Through her inspirational speaking and writing, Lea hopes to help enlighten her audiences and readers to ways of promoting their own health and healing.