Green tea extracts are among the most widely used ancient medicinal agents, while androgens are probably the oldest drugs used in a purified form in traditional Chinese medicine. Supplements containing green tea extracts are a completely natural way of reducing weight with very little risk of any side effects. Green tea extracts are being used by thousands of people for a wide range of health conditions, and it is even an added ingredient in some beverages and snack foods.

Starting from cancer of several kinds, to skin disorders, green tea has played a big role in helping heal the body. A number of chronic disease states have been associated with free radical induced oxidative damage, including cancer, heart disease, suppressed immune function and accelerated aging. The primary catechin in green tea,EGCG, appears to inhibit the growth of cancer cells as well as play a role in stimulating apoptosis (programmed cell death), both of which are crucial aspects for cancer prevention. There is also evidence from some studies that green tea provides significant immuno protective qualities, particularly in the case of cancer patients undergoing radiation or chemotherapy.

There is a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease and cancer in Asia where people smoke heavily, which may be accounted for by high consumption of tea, particularly green. Green Tea extracts work as an effective treatment for patients who suffer from damaged skin following radiation treatment for cancer. Men with the highest consumption of flavonoids (from fruits and vegetables) have approximately half the risk of heart disease and cancer compared with those with the lowest intake.

Studies of green tea extracts reveal that they may reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke and cut the risk of some cancers, could prevent Alzheimer's-like brain damage, as well as boost exercise endurance. Certain substances present in green tea diets are said to help in destroying cancer cells without harming any neighboring tissues. EGCG may cause cancer cells to die in much the same way that normal cells do. Scientists have reason to
believe that free radicals also play a role in various degenerative diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism, Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer. Even discounting the hype on the tabloids, green tea extracts (polyphenols, catechins, EGCG) seem to be very potent in this cancer prevention role, and they
are also blessed with extraordinarily low toxicity.

For medicinal purposes, green tea is considered superior to regular black tea, since it has as much as five times more of the polyphenols that are of interest to us as potent anti-oxidants and cancer preventives. Some researchers believe that the antioxidants present in green tea may have a protective effect against certain cancers. Prostate cancer also referred to as the “Hidden Cancer” is one of the primary causes of death among American men.

A study conducted on men at increased risk of developing prostate cancer demonstrated that the substances present in green tea known as catechins, are quite successful in preventing the development of prostate cancer. It is estimated that drinking green tea regularly reduces the risk of prostate cancer by
two-thirds. Supplements are better because they don't have caffeine, and one capsule is equivalent to five cups of tea (depending on capsule potency).

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