I've got a theory that most beings feel out of control in most areas of their lives. We also feel out of control in most of our daily circumstances.

Do you feel like you must react to what your boss tells you, how much money you have at this moment, how little time you have to do activities you choose, and how your days are spent? You're not alone my friend. It's how the world is for many of us today.

Now, where is the one place you always feel like you're in control? Where do you feel powerful? In your car? I bet that's the place. Whether you drive a huge SUV or little zippy convertible or a 15 year old Oldsmobile. When we are in our cars we are the boss. We choose how fast to go, we steer, we control the buttons for the radio, and we decide where we're driving off to. Ain't nobody tellin' you what to do when you're behind the wheel is there?

The light side of this is that we feel powerful. The dark side of this is that we can use our cars aggressively to act out the anger and frustration we feel about not being in control of so many other areas of our lives. If we allow ourselves to be unconscious about this it turns into road rage. We mentally race the other dirvers on the road. We act out by speeding, driving recklessly or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The healthiest way to transform these emotions of feeling helpless is to pay attention to the situations and circumstances throughout the day that get you upset. Use these times to be your alarm reminding you that you can make different choices that will put you in different situations and circumstances that support you instead of upset you. The simple process explained at can show you more about how to deal with this.

The inspiration to change many times comes only after our lives are so out of control that we feel so much pain and anger that we say "Enough!! I can't stand being like this anymore!" That breaking point releases all the pent up frustration and underlying anger that simmers and builds under our "everything's okay" exterior that we show to the world.

If you get to this place you'll realize that you can use the power that underlies driving aggressively and getting mad at other drivers. You can take that power, direct it creatively towards your soul's desires and use it to build an amazing joyful life instead of throwing your power away by reacting to what stresses, angers, frustrates and bothers you.

So the next time you get in your car pay attention to how comfortable you feel. Notice how it feels to be in control and to feel powerful. Then imagine how it'll be when your days are filled with this feeling.

Imagine releasing all your negative emotions and replacing them with joyful, creative, powerful feelings. Imagine the sanctuary you feel in your car being the sanctuary in your being at all times. You can be in control and be powerful in all of the situations and circumstances you choose in your life. Just step into the luxury car of choices that your life is waiting for you to choose and drive on into the sunset with the top down and the rays of the sun warming your being.

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