If you want to know why you do what you do—or why your significant others, your in-laws or even your favorite celebrities do what they do—the new book Why We Do What We Do: Four Pathways to Your Authentic Self is for you. It will show you what trips you up, and explain where other people are coming from. It will teach you how to bring out the best in yourself and in others, so you can strengthen your relationships.

Why We Do What We Do was inspired by the work of Canadian psychologist Caroline Hanstke, intuitive spiritual teacher Brian Emmanuel Grey and his wife Therese, a journalist who writes about personal growth. The timeless principles and breakthrough method they impart have, over the last fourteen years, dramatically helped thousands of individuals and businesses, including multinational companies and government agencies.

The book presents four universal archetypes or energies that Caroline, Brian and Therese work with. These archetypes are known as our inner family archetypes because they are best described through the simple and powerful concepts of Father, Mother, Boychild and Girlchild.

Everyone uses their four inner family archetypes in a conscious, subconscious, superconscious or unconscious way, albeit through different patterns. The specific pattern we print from birth influences how we think and feel, what we like and dislike, and what we aspire to.

People who function from a strong Father archetype pursue the law. They tend to have strong boundaries and seek to download a blueprint for every situation. When their Father energy goes out of balance and becomes unloving, they can become harsh and critical toward themselves and others.

People who express a strong Mother archetype live to nurture life. They love to guide and teach others, and provide stability in any given situation. When they are threatened, they respond by either going aloof or by smothering those around them with a spoiling mechanism. Either way, they avoid further giving of themselves.

People who have a strong Boychild archetype are go-getters in life. They are highly competitive and do whatever it takes to reach their goal. When their archetype goes negative, they become overcompetitive, aggressive, and tend to run over others.

People who have a strong Girlchild archetype go with the flow. They experience life through serendipity. They are highly creative, caring and intuitive. When their sensitivity is trampled, however, the unloving side of Girlchild takes over. They become victim-martyrs, prosecutors who ultimately feel superior to their persecutors.
“This is a wonderfully integrated way of learning about the dynamics of our own personality and our relationships with other,” says author Patricia Spadaro. “These simple yet deep concepts have the power to lead us to the core of who we really are so we can give our most precious gift to others.”
Why We Do What We Do helps you to transcend the dark side of each archetype. It also helps you recognize and overcome the limitations of your specific pattern. Then you can embrace the liberating energy of your four loving archetypes anytime. The book is easy to read, with inspiring stories, effective exercises, and compelling examples you can model. It even provides an archetypal relationship guide so you can relate to your loved ones in a more authentic way.

Why We Do What We Do: Four Pathways to Your Authentic Self is available in bookstores and online at www.whywedowhatwedo.com. For more information about your inner family archetypes or to contact the authors, please visit www.innerfamilyarchetypes.com.

Author's Bio: 

Therese Emmanuel Grey is a journalist who writes about personal growth and facilitates The Inner Family Archetype Model. She co-wrote the book Why We Do What We Do: Four Pathways to Your Authentic Self with Caroline Hanstke and her husband, Brian Emmanuel-Grey.